Dex g5 receiver, how long last?

I got my G5 receiver on 1/12/18. I have recently, weeks apart, had two instances of hitting the button and it staying dark. Not turning on. It came back on in under half an hour both times. And with plenty of battery strength.
I can’t find on the dex site how long the receiver is supposed to last. I admit to having not much patience with their site as I find it not user friendly.

Anyone know about the receiver duration? On Medicare and I know my Endo would like me to go with the G6 and I have about decided to do that but… maybe I just don’t want change. And, I realize the Medicare option may not be available quite yet.

Dexcom website says warranty for G5 receiver is one year.

No way to predict how long it will last beyond that. I have G4 receiver over 2 years old still functioning.

Do you have a phone that you can load G5 app to?

I’ve had at least 3 receivers replaced for dark screens but none of them are any better than the other. Periodically, when I hit the center button, the screen will stay dark for up to 15 minutes. I wouldn’t even bother to call for this issue, as it happens to all of the non-touch receivers. My wife has had the identical problem with her receivers over the last 2 years, as well.

I have an iPhone 6 but as I understand it I am not supposed to use it if I am on Medicare.

About time for a new iPhone too!

Oh, OK, Dave, I will let it go for a while longer. Trying to hold on till 2020.
I actually discovered something like a thick hardened previously liquid substance over half the backside that is a total mystery to me. It has been in a tight leather case I have had from amazon since early days of G4. No way can I imagine how it got in there!
But that clearly does not seem to be the problem though it does cover the Dex end partly where the seam is. But it is clear as a bell today, working-wise.
PS. I do take it from the case when I go to endo but did not have to the last time.

Loading the Dexcom app on your phone is definitely the best option. You can start using it now or when (and if) your receiver fails.

I can’t imagine how Medicare would know you’re using it, or why they would care.

Paytone, this was a while back when this topic was raging but it was my understanding that Medicare had not approved the smartphone as a legit durable medical device.
I don’t want to revisit this but I also understand that Dex knows what device you are using.
I actually like the dex receiver. I just click and there is the number. I don’t know if you have to enter the phone code to see the number. Mine has never worked for my finger print. Have to enter 4 digit code. a pain.
I will hope it lasts until Medicare oks G6. If I were younger I would wait for g7 but I’m not so there I am!

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You are posting ancient history. Medicare approved use of smartphones for Dexcom G5 many, many months ago, actually since June of 2018.

Here is the Dexcom document.

Thanks. Sorry. I wondered if that was the case. I still like the receiver!
I am not on here all the time so can’t keep up. I mostly check news of interest in the moment. Busy volunteer life.

I also strictly use the Dexcom receiver as my HTCU12+ smartphone does not play well with many of the Dexcom and Dexcom third party apps and the Dexcom receiver is pretty bullet proof and very simple to use.

I like the non-touch receiver because I’m always one-button-press away from seeing my readings. My phone is in my pocket, so that’s not super-convienient. I don’t look forward to the non-touch receiver being replaced by the touchscreen for the G6. Boo!

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Check out new info.

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That was changed awhile back. You can use your iPhone as your receiver now.

I started on my Dexcom 5 back in 2017. I got a back up receiver after 1 year just in case my receiver died since the warranty is only for 1 year. It is now going on 3 years later and I am still using the same receiver. I have had 2 brief episodes of black screen but I just plugged it back into charge and it came back in 2 to 3 minutes. Other than that, it has been great and is still going strong. I still have the other receiver, unused, waiting, and from what I understand, I can upgrade that to the G6 when I start it next Spring (when I go on Medicare). So, I am certainly impressed with the longevity of the receiver and love its ease of use.

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