Dexcom 7+ Cold Sensitive?

I think that my Dexcom 7+ reacts badly to cold weather. I live in New jersey where we have had cold Winter so far this year. For the last few weeks it seems that even a 20-minute dog walk leads to unusual results and greater than 20% differences from meter checks. has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?

Hmm… Personally, I haven’t. I just went skiing with mine where we were outside all day and the Dex (which I kept in one of the inner pockets of my coat) did fine, even when the glucometer (same pocket) indicated that it wouldn’t work because the temperature was too low. A relatively easy fix that I’ve found for temperature issues with diabetes gear over the years is to keep everything as close to your body as possible. For example, your pants pockets or inner pockets on a coat may be warmer than the pockets you put your hands in or pockets that are left open to the air. Not quite as easy to get to, but if the temperature is affecting your devices, it may be worth the trouble of messing with interior pockets, zippered pockets, etc. Hope this helps.


No such experience. But like Carolyn, I keep the Sensor on my Torso, under a warm jacket. Unlike a fingerstick monitor, Dexcom readings aren’t affected by the temperature of the Receiver-- there’s no “meaurement” taking place there, it’s only reporting data it got from the Sensor. So you can keep the Receiver in an outer pocket, but don’t expose the Sensor/Transmitter location to any wind or cold at all.