DexCom 7 Plus and lows?

I have been on the DexCom for a week now and I am noticing that my most inaccurate readings seem to come around lows. When I am not low, the system is awesomely accurate. I was wondering if others experience this? For example, the alarms will go off and say I am in the 70s so I test my sugar. Usually it is anywhere from 90-110 on the meter while the dexcom continues to alarm and show I am dropping. So I keep finger sticking every 5 to 10 minutes to see if I am in fact dropping but my meter is telling me no, you are in target. Right now I have the system to alarm me when I hit 80 and I am wondering if I should change that to 70? Since I have hypo unawareness I would rather have more false alarms than not getting an alarm at all but the alarms are driving me crazy! HELP, there is obviously something I am missing here :slight_smile:

Well, when it alarms to a low, be sure and calibrate. Also make sure you wash your hands before testing just in case. If you have the alarm set to 70 and you are 90 calibrate and drop the alarm to 60 so that you will be able to only get an alarm if you drop another 10 points.

In 15-20 minutes after you have calibrated test again and re calibrate. That should clear it up. The system tends to want to make sure you are not low!

Once the sensor is showing a real # then you can raise the low alarm to where you want it.

It gets easier after a few months. The first months are a good “learning curve” … If you set it to vibrate it might not be such an issue until you get the in’s and out’s of the system.

Great job so far and keep going … you are doing very well!

Good to know all my calibrating is not going to waste, hahaha! I have been doing what you suggested for the past few days minus the changing of the alarm levels. I will do that on the next weird reading. Will this cycle start all over again when I change sensors? It makes sense that it would…

Every sensor is different… you will get the hang of it pretty quick. A lot of my friends turn off the alarms the first week so that they can get used to the system. They then add the alarms on when they want to be alerted and if they are off will just look at the monitor more frequently !
Alarm fatigue is a real thing … : )