Dexcom and advertising

As an avid editorial newspaperman I don’t usually have much time for advertising, but there are times when I think that good deals should be better known. I had occasion to call Dexcom this morning because my nearly two-yar old transmitter was beginning to have trouble reaching the receiver, and I learned that a new transmitter would cost a little over $650 (if I remember right). But the Dexcom system support person told me he thought there was some kind of promotion going on, and put me on hold for a moment, I subsequently learned that for the rest of the month of September you can get an entire new set (transmitte and receiver plus a month’s worth of sensors) for $ 999 Deduct the cost of the sensors (that you would need anyway) and you have a compeltely new System Seven kit for around 600 bucks. Worth knowing about I thought.

That is usually the price they offer to cash customers… it’s not a special.

So did you have a single transmitter last for 2 years?

I think I read that those $650 transmitters are warrantied for 1 year. You can bet that Dexcom is going to get a call from me about a failing transmitter after about 11 months.