Dexcom App Keeps shutting down

Anyone having issues with the Dexcom app randomly and uncontrollably shutting down on their iPhone? Something seems buggy with the newest version.

i have not had any issues, but i always uninstall first, turn off the phone and reinstall if i have issues

I have not had any issues recently.

no issues at all for me either.

No such issues. Mine has kind of “greyed out” a couple of times, it becomes grey and non responsive so I’ve had to manually close it and restart, but other than that it has been all good.

I have been having this problem. It started when I did an update on my iPhone. After the update was done I got a notification from the G5 app that it was not fully compatible with the newest ios and it may be buggy. Well… that would have been nice to know before updating!

In any event it frequently closes and I get a notification that the app has closed and I won’t receive glucose information. I just have to tap it to open it again. Luckily, it has not happened at night, so I have not been too fussed about it. It is irritating though.

The G6 is a complete joke. It’s like they didn’t even do a beta test on it. I’ve been using Dexcom for 5 years now. Something changed that company has seriously gone downhill. I have that problem with my phone where it constantly crashes. As well my Dexcom readings are completely off to my actual blood sugars. Sometime Dexcom will say I’m having an urgent low when my blood sugar is actually 140 or vice versa. Yes, the sensor and transmitter numbers are entered correctly. Anyone else have a similar problem. I absolutely would NOT recommend this product to anyone.