Dexcom App Question

Ok. I did an incredibly stupid thing today. I went into pool with my phone in my pocket. Phone is gone so I will need a new one.

My Dexcom sensor is currently running on app. I will need to install a new Dexcom app on my new phone. I cannot access anything on my old phone. I also have the Clarity app on my old phone. I guess I can stop my current session on Dexcom receiver.

My question is can I just install a new app on new phone. Can I access my Clarity info? Is there a better way to do this?


You can access your Clarity Info from multiple different sources at the same time such as multiple phones, tablet, desktop computer, etc. Basically anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Any or several devices can be used to upload from your Dexcom receiver to Clarity at the same time, however, each device that you want to use for upload, needs to have the Dexcom uploader app found in clarity installed first.

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Why do you think you need stop sensor ? Sensor talks to transmitter, then phone or receiver gets data from transmitter. Assuming you are using G6.
Let sensor run until its normal 10 day stop, initiated by transmitter.

MM1: Yes. I realize now that I don’t have to stop session. I never used the Dexcom receiver, and it picked up my current session rather quickly after I charged it. I’m assuming now that I probably can just upload app to new phone and enter transmitter info to be good to go. Thanks.

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CJ114: Thank you for this link. This is very helpful.