Dexcom for my 11 year old?

Hi All, We are just going live with my daughter’s omnipod this weekend, so I am turning my thoughts to dexcom and timing of starting. Our endo says that once she gets adjusted to omnipod, that we can have orders for Dexcom in December.

I’d love to hear from any teens or preteens that use both??

After wearing one device on your body, what is it like to wear two? Is it a big deal? Is is a bigger deal to have the second? I don’t want to push the poor kid, who is handling t1 diagnosis well for past three months and has just been handed a celiac diagnosis last week.

Thanks, Everyone!!


My daughter started on the Animas pump in Aug. and will likely go live on the Dexcom at some point in the next couple months (she just turned 12 - and really wants to know BG trends). Seems that timing would be about the same. As an adult T1 - it’s not a big deal to wear 2 devices - but I know that differs from person to person.

Can only speak for an adult with t1, I went on the Omnipod in April and then per dr. dexcom 1 1/2 mo. later. Wanted me to get use to one device then the other and not be overwhelmed. Great advice. I have worn both and not a big deal. Actually love the dexcom and have been able to really fine tune my settings on the Omnipod. I really miss my dexcom when not wearing. So nice to just look to see what my bg is or the trend (going up or down). Hope you enjoy it!