Dexcom G4 - correcting high BG

Sorry if this has been asked -A basic question: When do you correct a high BG? A follow up question: I have had several occasions whereby my BG was about 160/170, corrected with 1 unit insulin, expected a drop of about 50 units only to see the BG slightly decrease by about 20 points over 1.5 hours (based on Dexcom graph). What could be causing this?

Everyone’s diabetes is different, but wondering : Is it more difficult to correct a VERY HIGH than it is to correct a mild high?

Is it more difficult to correct a fatty/carb meal high than a not so fatty?

If insulin action peaks around 1 to 1.5 hours, I hesitate to correct at less than 2 hours from concern that maybe the double straight arrow may change to angle up or level horizontally.

Comments thoughts suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have a Dexcome G4, but do know that fattier foods I.E. Pizza with cheese, digest at a slower rate than let’s say fish with bread crumb topping. The fat takes longer to break down, so the bread part of the pizza might start sooner, but the fat part starts later. I was told by my endo to use a wave pattern on pizza, meaning you get part of the necessary insulin at the start of your bolus, and get the remainder, 30 minutes to an hour later. Keep in mind if you have a stiff drink with your pizza, this would NOT be the case.
I hope I helped and did not add confusion to the question.
All the best!

Your questions really aren’t about sensor tech. It’s about diabetes and how to correct for high bg’s.

It is more difficult to correct for very high bg’s as it takes more insulin (therefore making it more difficult to choose the exact dosage to drop bg’s to a safe level, instead of into the hypo range). Fatty meals can cause elevated bg’s for well over 12 hours, depending on the amount and time of day. Large mexican meals can keep my bg’s up from a 5PM meal to the next morning if I don’t bolus carefully and/or run a higher basal for an extended time. If I am quite active, all that is out the window with the same meal, and I might go low unexpectedly. ie, “it all depends”. timing, bolus, pre-meal STABLE bg level, previous meal types, basal setting, time of day, ACTIVITY LEVEL!!. there is NO SET BOLUS that works for a particular meal, if ANY other of those variables change.

Do you react to the double up arrow on the dexcom if it occurs

  1. less than 1 hour after insulin meal injection - has the insulin started to work yet?
  2. between 1 and 2 hours after injection?

I’m trying to gain some perspective around how to “safely” correct “high” BG’s.
Do I make use of the double up arrow information and decide…time to take some corrective action?
Will the double arrow become a horizontal level and best to adopt a wait and see attitude?

Sorry if these questions seem basic.