Dexcom G5 Mobile App Not Working on Android 8.0


The Dexcom app was working fine on my Note 8 which earlier was running Android 7.0 however today as I have updated to Android 8.0 whenever I open the app it is only loading a blank screen during its start up and automatically closes after a while. Any idea how to fix it?

Update: I don’t know what exactly happened but upon uninstalling and reinstalling the app it started working smooth once again! : )

Garry Joshi


@Garry_joshi Dexcom has not yet released a 8.x app yet. Might try using XDrip+ instead until Dexcom released an updated version.

Dexcom Android Compatibilty


did it even work on 7.1?


It does on my phone…using 7.1.1


I concur with El_Ver, try xDrip+. I was hesitant to use it at first, but since I tried it realized it’s so good I have no desire to go back to the real Dexcom app. Plus, you can easily display the date on a Pebble watch (under $100 on Amazon) which you can’t do with the Dexcom app!


I got the unlocked version of Dexcom to work on my Note 8 with 7.1.1.
I use Xdrip+ now though, much better!


@Hammer, not sure if you saw this link on another blog for a version of the Dexcom G5 app that bypasses the Play store model/sw version restrictions. It does work and is stable on Android 8.1


Yeah, I got the unlocked one up and running.
But after running xdrip, I think I will just stay with it for now.