Dexcom G6 submitted to FDA

Great post from our friends at Diatribe!

2018 can’t come any faster, 2017 has been a rough year, and the news of new Dtech makes me happy.

I wonder how the no calibration thing will perform and new insertion!


sounds interesting to see what and how it will work even tho it will work like the others but to see how it will work in a different way. it is nice to see that it will be smaller. now only if medicare will cover the phone app or remote thingy


Yeah, it’s a bummer that us Medicare customers aren’t allowed to use a phone as a receiver. I’m not 100% sure that I would use it on a regular basis until I saw how it impacted battery life, how “handy” it would be to see the numbers on my phone (my phone is in my pants pocket). My trust G5 receiver sits on my waistband on a swivel clip. I got a kit at Amazon with a “button” that attaches with ultra strong adhesive tape (industrial, thin crazy-strong tape) to a device, and then you slide the “button” into the swivel clip that attaches to one’s clothes. I can simply tilt the receiver a bit, push the button, and see my number. What would REALLY be cool is a watch (with good battery life, ahem) that shows the bg with nothing more than a flick of the wrist, like how my Samsung Gear 2 watch turns on it’s screen–just move my arm. No button pushes needed. I would even spend my soc sec money on a watch that could do that (my Gear 2 isn’t ever going to work with Dexcom–it runs on Tizen and has almost no useful apps that aren’t “baked” into the watch).

There it is, looking down from my eye level, at the receiver, clipped to my waist.

Hard to imagine a no-cal CGM, huh? If it really works better than the G5, I’m gonna be jealous! :slight_smile: But, seriously, most of the time every sensor I’ve worn has worked remarkably well, not that I have a ton of time with it yet. Just got it Sept 12th and put it on within minutes of opening the package.

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Very exciting!

Has anyone seen any hints as to the expected transmitter battery life?

Is it still going to be hard-stopped at 3 months? Considering 30% size reduction, my hopes aren’t vey high…

After reading the the web link regarding Dexcom plans for the future I have a question about Apple watch. Since I’m not ever going to get an iPhone, does anyone know if an Apple Watch could be set up without owning an Apple phone? In other words is there a way to download a Dexcom app without access to an iPhone? Is there a way to even use an Apple watch without ever having it connected to an iPhone?

No. Even when you are allowed to use an Apple Watch directly, it will still require an iPhone for some functions. I find that my G5 doesn’t affect my iPhone battery life much if at all. In my discussions with Medicare people, most people who are new to CGM don’t mind the receiver. Those of us who have been using phones and watches for years hate the receiver. But I’ll get used to it again when I am forced to use it. As I’ve mentioned here more than once, I am still using pre-Medicare supplies but have tried to initiate an order with Dexcom. I was told who my reorder specialist was and left a message last week. No call back. Next week I’ll get more serious about trying to get the process initiated.

Thanks, Laddie. Guess I won’t be springing for an Apple Watch then, as I won’t ever get an iPhone. Bummer.

I’m hoping their Fitbit Ionic integration will be worthwhile… That device claims a four-day battery life – not as good as the Pebble that Fitbit destroyed, but might be good enough to be useful. My AW watch gets me through a workday, but not much more than that. I did have a Sony Smartwatch3 for a little while, but was disappointed with it… Apple watch may eventually be an option I’ll consider (I do have an old iPhone that I use only for testing Share sometimes…) We’ll see.

Still, good to see technology moving forward – better than watching pump companies implode like we have this year. Hopefully 2018 will be MORE and BETTER innovation!