Dexcom G6 Transmitter Warrantee?

Considering obtaining a G6 Receiver and Transmitter from CostCo. Are their cash customer prices still $36.96 & $28.88??
So the G4 transmitter warrantee is 6 months from date of shipment to customer but isn’t G5 & G6 the 3 months from date of 1st use?? Asking because I still have a stock of G4 supplies and it might be 2020 before I upgrade to G6 and I suspect that (like all others) if left in the box for 8 + months the batteries will still self discharge to some extent.
I assume that for Dexcom to honor the 3 month warrantee you must start & end the transmitter with their receiver - or have they honored warrantee when only using a Smart Phone??

You don’t have to use a receiver to get the 90 day warranty. they sell systems with no receiver…

The battery discharge is different.
The G4 has a very (very) slow discharge on the shelf.

The G5/G6 is a slower shelf discharge as opposed to running active but a faster shelf discharge as compared to the G4.

The transmitter warranty is different between USA and other countries. The user guide has the warranty. The gist of the G6 in USA is 90 days of active transmitter use provided the transmitter is first placed into active service within 5 months of the “SB Date” (on the transmitter box label).

No - the Dexcom transmitter warranty is not tied to starting and ending the transmitter with the Dexcom receiver.

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Thanks for response. Wondering if you know: Is SB Date “Ship By Date”?
In general - how far in future from receipt of transmitter is SB date - 5 months?? If so, then warranty would potentially be for 10 months after customer receipt.
Correction - warranty would potentially be for 8 months after customer receipt.
And thanks to Dave44 the 8 months after shipment TO customer is the correct answer.

From the G6 manual,

Dexcom G6 System User Guide288Appendix E: WarrantyE.2 Dexcom Transmitter Limited WarrantyWhat’s Covered and for How Long?Dexcom, Inc. (“Dexcom”) provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser (“you” or “Purchaser”) that the Dexcom G6 transmitter (the “transmitter”) is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use (“Limited Warranty”) for the period commencing on the date of first use by the original purchaser (the “Date of First Use”) and expiring three (3) months thereafter; provided, that, the Date of First use occurs within five (5) months of the date of shipment (or disbursement) of the transmitter to you (“Warranty Period”).Note: If you received this transmitter as a replacement for an in-warranty transmitter, the Limited Warranty for the replacement transmitter shall continue for the remaining Warranty Period on the original transmitter, but the replacement is not subject to any other warranty."

Not sure why u didn’t just look in the PDF online.

So correct answer is 3 months after 1st use OR 8 months after original shipment TO customer - whichever occurs 1st.
Off subject but Indicates to me that there IS Parasitic Draw on the battery just sitting in the box (likely keeping transmitter awake for command to start transmitting?) - low cost alkaline batteries I bought state “Guaranteed Long Life - Holds power for up to 10 years in storage.” & “Best if used by July 2028”.

It really goes by the “SB Date” on the side of the box. Dexcom won’t ask when you received the transmitter, they will ask what the “SB Date” says AND will ask the date the transmitter was first used.

When you receive a new transmitter, you should always check the “SB Date” on the box immediately. If the “SB Date” is in the past, you should demand a replacement as you have been given a relatively old transmitter.

EDIT: I think you are not interpreting the warranty correctly. The cut-n-paste that @Dave44 provided is accurate but not the same as you have rephrased it.

G4 is very very low. Super shelf life.
G5/G6 is lower than active. Not really a great shelf life.

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FWIW, in Canada the G5 transmitter is only warranted to operate its full 3 months IF and only if it has been installed within 5 months from the delivery date to you.

I had a G5 that failed which I didn’t use / start until 6 months after delivery - tech support told me firmly too bad so sad.

Does anyone happen to have CURRENT Dexcom G6 pricing? I had heard whispers that the fantastic deal was an intro price and now the transmitter and receiver prices have risen dramatically, even with their prescription plan policy. My local Costco is being coy and won’t give me actual pricing, even when supplied with NDC numbers because I don’t have an Rx in hand.

Such a pain in the butt!

I looked into getting one from my local Costco “over the counter” last month. I wanted one for a back-up because I was caught without my G6 because Dexcom couldn’t deliver on time. I was told that if I came in and told them I don’t have insurance, the price would be $220. If I told them I had insurance the price would be north of $500. The lowest I could find on-line was $330 from Amazon. I didn’t end up buying one.

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I just checked with Costco last month (April 2019) and was given a price of $120, but she said it is probably different and cheaper once you actually buy one. The system won’t tell her the actual price until you enter all the information. This is in line with what I read before, the price they tell you is different than the price you actually buy it at. But I also have heard you have to let them know sometimes there is special pricing because some people have gotten charged more. Until I try it, I’m not sure exactly what goes on!

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Earlier this year the cash price direct from Dexcom was $237.50 for Transmitter. I fail to understand how Insurance negotiated prices are so much higher than direct purchase price other than large markup by the middleman.

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My recent Costco purchase G6 transmitter (cash price, no insurance), in late August was 145. 320 for 3 sensors. But receipt also notes an “executive rebate” discount of 120, and my net was 345.

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Was this price at Costco?
The VA is running me in circles trying to get more transmitters. And I am thinking about just buying a transmitter myself, out of pocket. I have been without my G6 for a while now and I REALLY want to have it back!

Yes, meant to say that. Edited original post.

My guess it that rebate may be only for Costco members.