Dexcom G6

Has anyone noticed that the g6 runs a little on the high side when their sugar is rising? It gave me data that I am 10.7mmol and when testing on my meter I was 8.7mmol. I find that within 15-20 minutes it starts to come down.

Sounds like your glucose levels are changing quickly if u see numbers substantially changing in 15 minutes. Do not consider a CGM to be inaccurate when your bg’s are moving quickly. They all measure interstitial fluid, after all and that isn’t going to match a finger stick when bg’s are moving at a certain rate. You’ll learn over time how to use the CGM to your advantage by watching for TRENDING readings which often are more important for preventing lows than the absolute, current CGM reading, for example.

I find that my bg meter (Verio IQ) gives higher numbers than lab blood draw when I’m actually high. E.g. for 110 it is very close to lab. But when my meter reads 270 the lab draw will read 210.

The G6 actually is closer to the lab draw when I’m in the high range.

I could imagine a different brand meter trending the other way.

Today mine was running on the low side all day. But, thats not always the case. I dont know what to think about G6 accuracy. I dont think its as accurate as the old G4.

I find that when it is rising quickly it over does it. Then after about 15-20 minutes it starts to go down a little. Maybe it’s because of the milk I drink in my puffed wheat at breakfast that makes it rise quickly. Today it told me I was low so I drank some milk for the fix. Twenty minutes later I tested with my meter and it said 4.7. The g6 told me I was going to have a low less than 3.1 twenty minutes. Wrong, it was 4.7. I don’t understand why the sensor wasn’t rising. I ended up turning off the predictive low alert. That causes me more distress than the low itself. I t doesn’t seem to work all that well.