Dexcom G7 News from Dexcom

Dexcom G7 is easy to get no matter your CGM coverage

Dexcom G6 users

If you pick up your Dexcom G6 supplies at a pharmacy, all you need to do is get a Dexcom G7 prescription from your doctor and continue through the same process. Even if your health plan has not added Dexcom G7 yet, you can still pick it up now for just $89/month at your local pharmacy. Your normal copay will automatically kick in once your health plan adds Dexcom G7 to their coverage.

If you get your Dexcom G6 supplies from a distributor, reach out to them to get started with Dexcom G7.

If you currently use Dexcom G6 with a connected insulin pump,* we recommend continuing on it until Dexcom G7 adds compatibility with your pump or pen. We’re working with our insulin delivery partners to integrate with Dexcom G7 as soon as possible.


I was told by Edgepark that Medicare coverage will be effective 3/31/23