Dexcom G7

Has anyone gotten the Dexcom G7 yet?


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I’m interested in hearing from people with the G7 and Omnipod 5. Would love to get feedback so I can decide to move forward with this or not. Not sure how valuable G7 will be - heard it’s smaller and only takes 30 minutes to warm up. The current 2 hours can be challenging sometimes.

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I’m waiting for the G7. I have the G6 and it is terribly inaccurate. Sometimes off by 5 mg/dl and sometime off by 40 mg/dl. The G7 is supposed to be more accurate.

I have the Omnipod Dash and will probably switch to the 5 because some day I will be able to use it with my iPhone and not need to carry the PDM. Insulet says the software for the iPhone is coming…


My pharmacy keeps saying they arent sure about ordering it yet…

My pharmacy mailed it to me like a month ago, but I still had G6 sensors left so I’m using those up first.

Do we need to get a new script for them, I won’t see my doc for 2 months

Why they came out with that without making it possible to use with the Omnipod 5 I will never figure out. Something for Omnipod users: did they tell you that you have to power off your phone after each pod change? That was a little detail I wish someone had told me until I had to find out the hard way.

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Started on G7 beginning of the month. Like it a lot. So flat compared to G6. Be careful where you place on arm so you don’t lose transmission while sleeping. I put exactly where the said but then moved to where I placed G6 and works much better. Kind of toward top of arm.

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I called Edgepark last month and told them I’d rather get the G7 instead of my G6 order. They told me they would have to contact doctor for prescription and check with my insurance. I received the G7 yesterday so I guess a new prescription may be needed.

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That’s what I’m finding too. Glucose was 6.2 and G6 says it’s 7.9. Irritating when you want to stay in a really good range. If you calibrate too much Dexcom doesn’t seem to respond appropriately. :woman_shrugging:

Never that! Will see if it makes a difference for my readings.

If you are on the OmniPod 5, you cannot use the G7 yet. Insulet and Dexcom are “working on” making the two compatible.

That said, my husband read an article last week quoting people in Europe who use the G7 and there are lots of failure problems right now. I am on the OmniPod 5, but I will let others work out the bugs on the G7 while Insulet and Dexcom work out their issues. For now, I can wait.


Interesting factoid I stumbled across while researching IOS version compatibility for Dexcom and Tandem X2. I was surprised to see that, per to the Dexcom website, the G7 will actually have better backward compatibility with IOS than the G6—not the way things usually work:

My private insurance through work uses CVS/Caremark as their PBM for meds. They didn’t cover it Q1 but just added it Q2, so I just now started it 2 days ago.

The first sensor fell off my arm, so I put #2 in my stomach like the G6 and has been fine ever since. I used the online form to submit for a replacement which is already en route to me.

THe warm up time is amazing. The app has a a few improvement as well. But most importantly it JUST WORKS with the latest version of LOOP without any modifications! Neither the Omnipod 5 nor the Tslim are ready yet, but LOOP was ready day 1! Score!

Thank you SherryAnn - I’ll stay and chill with my G6 and Omnipod Dash. They’re not linked for a ‘closed’ loop but I can basically manage my insulin needs with the Omnipod Dash. Despite being T1D for 53 years, only use about 12 units of insulin per day with the Omnipod. And I am 1000% diabetic - trust me, have been through the ropes with the condition/disease. Has been a bit of a topsy-turvy ride but I am very resilient.
Take care and hope everything is going very well for you!


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There’s support in current (“nightly”) builds of xDrip+ for both the G7 and the Dexcom ONE:

(That’s the Estonia web page, I don’t think it is available in the US; we get an advert for the G7 with a sexy guy on it.)

AndroidAPS has prototype support (the “dev” version, basically use-if-you-dare) for the G7 (also, IRC, the ONE), but there seem to be issues with the smoothing.

Elsewhere (I think) I read that Insulet G7 support is there but required changes in the pods (I assume firmware changes). That’s from memory, so may not be accurate; there are active discussions on most of the groups.

My understanding is that the G7 is not ready to work with the Tandem pump. So I await that option. My G6 is accurate, usually within 5 to 10 BG points of my meter. Occasionally not, but that seems normal to me.


My g6 is also very accurate except for the first few hours which is why I presoak them. The g7 allows us to keep the old sensor running while we presoak the new one, the switch over with no data loss, even the warm up period allows us to get data this way.
I haven’t tried the g7 yet, but what have read says it is slightly more accurate compared to g6 and also more accurate than most fingerstick meters.

Dexcom said that the x2 will be able to accept the g7 with a software update available to anyone with an in warrantee pump. And they said mid 2023, soooo yea that means next month. Let’s see if it happens that fast.


I need to start using up my G6 sensors then. I have. way more than I want to waste. Mine have always lasted 20 days on the dot and would have lasted longer but I stopped at that date.

I always presoak my G6 sensors. Sometimes it works and at times it doesn’t. My previous 3 sensors all had huge problems with accuracy. The one I am using now has been extremely accurate from the moment the two hour waiting period was up. I presoaked all of them, wore all on my arms and did nothing different with all 4 sensors. I sure hope that the G7’s are more accurate.