Dexcom Insurance Reimbursement Contact Issue

Has anyone else had trouble on the Dexcom end with the insurance reimbursement? The first person I worked with at Dexcom was very good in filing the insurance claim, and I would get the reimbursement checks quickly. She left, and Dexcom essentially never put in any of my claims. When I sorted it out with the second person, I got some checks, but she wasn’t very good in following up with my insurance company so some were not paid and had to be re-submitted. Now she left, and there is a new person doing claims. Anyone else having trouble with this?

I’m having the exact same problem right now! My insurance will reimburse 70% of my supplies, but not the cgm itself. I got the first check approx. 1 1/2 months after I was on the pump, sometime in Feb. I have ordered sensors 4 times since then, but have never heard from my insurance. I hate that you always have to pay up front. Dexcom said it was my insurance, but my insurance says it’s because Dexcom is not licensed in their state (I think that is the correct terminology they used). I called Dexcom after not getting reimbursed for the first order, but they said they had filed it with my insurance. I have been meaning to call back, but everytime I think about it, I don’t have time to be on hold with either my insurance or Dexcom. I am glad you brought it up though, as now I know where to start. Maybe if we all start complaining, something will be done.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the insurance companies at all, but in this case, they have not been dropping the ball. I’ve even had calls back from my insurance company as unsolicited follow-up saying that Dexcom has not responded to them on some claims, and they cannot be processed. Those claims are the ones that have not been reimbursed. When Dexcom follows through, I get my check from the insurance company. I’ve left 2 phone messages with the “new insurance contact” at Dexcom and still no response. I’m very disappointed as my case is a given and should be quite easy for Dexcom and would be good business for them. I pay up-front, they do the insurance claim so I get paid, and I order more and continue to be a paying customer. Without the reimbursement, it makes it more difficult to order supplies, and I’ve expressed this to Dexcom.

Just wondering if you have ever heard back from the new insurance lady at Dexcom? She has not returned my call, and it has been two weeks now. I am thinking I am going to contact my local Dexcom rep and see if she can get some answers a bit quicker.

I never got a returned phone call after calling the new contact and her supervisor numerous times. I finally sent a return receipt email to the both of them and got a response. She said she would follow-up with the claims. I haven’t heard anything yet but it has probably been about 2 weeks. I expressed my frustration, and she was apologetic. Nonetheless, they never did explain to me what their process is in getting these reimbursements. I’m tired of calling/emailing like 1000 times to get something that is a given since my insurance company reimburses. I just finished my last sensor so I am going to wait until the next order. Since we are starting the summer, I may just take a break from Dexcom and start again in the fall…when I’m sure they’ll be a new insurance contact person there handling things, since it seems this position has a high turn-over. Maybe they’ll be a better process in place too.

I finally got somewhere! I had to speak with someone from tech today due to a sensor that never worked. I told her my problem with the insurance department, and she recommended I email instead of call. Said they hired someone who’s trying to catch up, and they will stay after hours to get to emails. Is this the email address you used Well I heard back within an hour, but not from Sofia, whom I was told was handling my case, but from Mildred. Guess it helped that I said I couldn’t afford to place my next order unless I got some of the reimbursement money from my insurance, which they needed to file. She had my 3 claims listed, and just needed my diagnosis date, then said she would immediately file. I was impressed by her quick response, so hopefully it wasn’t just talk. Hopefully things turn around for you too.

Great. Let me know how it works out for you. I think Mildred is the supervisor. I had a survey call yesterday from Dexcom. I told her the system has been great, but there has been a lot of frustration with the reimbursement on their part. She said that this has been a HUGE problem for them. She wasn’t sure about the insurance process, too. I never told them that I was going to stop using it for a while, though.

Mildred told me to email her directly everytime i placed an order…it sounds to me like Dexcom’s internal systems dont auto file insurance claims or even set up items in a ‘queue’ for manual filing.

Dexcom has had alot of turnover or internal promotions of the Reimbursement team. Mildred has abeen there as long as i have been dealing with them (since june 2007). She seems to be overworked…but follows thru…sometime a second email is necessary though.