Question for you all. I am using Dexcom 6 with omnipod 5. I thought the pump would shut down or stop basal delivery when I am below a certain point or inject more insulin at a certain sugar level. That is what I told the people I live with that is why I wanted to be on 6/5 combo. Am I mistaken? My pump wants to constantly switch from automatic to manual, especially in the a.m.–which makes me wonder if the pump is not happy that I haven’t put in an sugar for awhile. Somebody asked about Dexcom accuracy. My experience has been that it is very inaccurate in the first 12 hours of use. It usually wants to go very low when I am not.

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That sounds like the Omnipod 5 is not working like it is supposed to. You should contact their technical support and get them to review your numbers to figure out how to fix it. If that is not possible, try making sure you have good “line of sight” from the pod to the G6 sensor on you. If they are able to “see” each other they should be able to stay in Auto mode without you putting any sugar numbers in yourself, the pump gets the sugar number from the Dexcom sensor automatically every 5 minutes.

I would run in manual mode for that first 12 hours. Your dexcom needs to be accurate in order to run the automation or everything goes to hell.

If you calibrate your dex and enter that there is a big difference between manual BG and dex sensor BG, then dex will shut down. If Dex shuts down, then the pump will shut down.

This is how it is supposed to work, but you need to have all the settings perfectly set. So, feel free to run in manual mode until your 100% sure that those basal rates are correct.

Here was the solution: when the omnipod detects that you have been running low for a certain period of hours it goes to manual mode. I have had too many lows at night. Part of the solution: raising the minimum from 120 to a higher number. Waiting for the doc to second that.

It’s a really good idea to wait for your doctor to agree. I never do that though. I generally change my settings on the fly.
I also feel like I understand my diabetes as well as my doctor if not better.
She will suggest changing from 0.9 to 0.88 and well I’m going to be more aggressive than that.
Also I switch between sleep mode and normal mode so often, I can’t imagining asking my doc about it and waiting. For a response.

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After a visit to a hospital for a low I learned something I never heard before. If you sleep on the spot where you have your dexcom you can get a “compression low” where the dexcom will read lower than it actually is. I am sure others have heard this but just in case someone hasn’t.