Di-a-BEE-tus or Di-a-bee-TEEZ?

So I’m curious how you pronounce it. I’ve seen people who are adamant that it’s pronounced one way or the other, and I figured fellow diabetics were the best people to ask. I’ve heard people say it both ways. Just thought I’d do a survey and see how you guys pronounce it. (Or maybe there’s some other way of saying it that I don’t know of…) I’m bored, obviously.

Di-a-Bee-teez…hahaha I’m from MO…lol it looks how it sounds.

Di-a-bee-TEEZ, definitely. However you don’t want my opinion because I have a thick Venezuelan accent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Di-a-bee-TEEZ is how i say it
Di-a-BEE-tus sounds funny to me lol

It’s the BEE TEEZ :slight_smile:

Neither I say DiaBull Sh&t.


Sheesh. Looks like I’m the only one who says di-a-bee-tus. It just sounds better to me, and it’s easier to say.

di-a-BEE-teez; I live in Illinois. I’ve heard some people say di-a-BEE-tus in rural Indiana. Check your dictionary… both ways are correct [dahy-uh-bee-tis, -teez] ----- from the dictionary.

And the one with the Dutch backround cannot say either well …but then I have an excuse …" I speak with an accent " …

When I say it, it sounds like Diabeedtees, my aunts and mother in law say it dia BEEEE TEEEEZ (extra long on both sets of EE’s, almost like three words! LOL) They’re born and raised in the south, and I’ve actually heard many people here in the south say it that way. Though I do have a southern accent, I have a California influence to mine, since that’s where I was born and raised. I’ve always wondered where the DaibeeTUS came from. Especially since it’s spelled Diabetes … no “US” in there! LOL If anything, it should probably be pronounced Dia-bee-tess. but, yanno, doesn’t really matter, it’s all the same thing, no matter how we pronounce it! ;0)

hahaha Amen to that!

Diabetus-----------Canuck. :smiley:


sounds too strange the other way.

Dia-BEE-teez is how I say it.

Die-Beet-us…hey im Texan what can I say

It tend to say di-a-bee-tess with the last “e” prounced with an “eh” sound like egg. However according to Merriam-Webster it’s dia-bee-teez.

Okay, as an Iowan, I say Di-a-BEE-tus. It sounds insane to me the other way! I have to admit, most people i’ve heard pronounce it the other way.

i say diabeetus
but sometime with some people i may say diabeeteez

As the Glucose Goddess would say, "Dont DI…abetes, LIV…abetes (www.LIVabetes.com)

wow this is interesting um i always say it DIA - bee - teez. i have the weirdest accent. im from the west, but people from around here think im from back east. i live in the west. haha