Diabetes and Vacationing in the Tropics

So we have been enjoying the hot weather of Florida this past week. We have been on a few excursions for part of the day but we have spent most of the time in the ocean and pool. We have had a heck of a time maintaining level BGs throughout the day and night. Sugars have been crazy high. I have been increasing my daughters basal with temp basal by 25 and even 50 percent at night. Anybody out there have experience with this? This is our first Florida vacation with my daughter being a diabetic. Cheers.

Heat can spike blood sugar levels easily if we are not properly hydrated. When the body is dehydrated, blood glucose becomes more concentrated due to the decrease in blood flow through the kidneys. Is she drinking plenty of water?

We live in FL and we know how brutal the heat can be, also when traveling managing food is quite complex. For dinner we try to stick with food we have already tried and sort of know how to manage.

Here some interesting link:

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Good Luck!

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Emma has been drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Possibly not enough. We are not use to the Florida sun. We have also been been cooking alot of our own meals. Perhaps the salt water plays a bit of a role. Not sure. Today has been a better day. I find I deal with lows better than I do highs. She has had 1 low today and has been hovering between 5 and 6 all day. Happy with that. Cheers for your reply. And thanks.

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