Diabetes Hands Foundation Goes Over 30K Followers on Twitter

It happened sometime last night - we now have over 30,000 followers on Twitter. I’m personally very proud of our profile @diabeteshf and its role in advocating for PWD of all kinds all over the world. We promote our programs, events and call attention to popular topics here on our forum. We get the word out and encourage folks touched by diabetes to join our community. During large diabetes conferences we get the word out about the official hashtag for the event so you can follow the action too, be it #MasterLab or #CWDFFL2016 (friends for life 2016).

I’ve been active myself on Twitter since 2008, a few months after joining TuDiabetes. Everything I learned about Twitter I learned from @askmanny (which is Manny’s profile handle on Twitter) - I am @MarieBe. If you’re just getting started on Twitter, my best advice is look at how someone you respect uses it, who is following them, and who they follow. Be liberal with retweets of tweets you agree with. @ Mention folks frequently. And if you want to @ mention us, use our official profile, @diabeteshf and not @tudiabetes, which is not used.

Thanks again to all our followers!


I’m not really a tweeter and don’t really understand the whole program, but I have wondered how certain selected posts from this forum end up also appearing on Twitter and others don’t it seems?

Not a Twit (although many may disagree), but I salute you nonetheless.


Marie no one works Twitter better or harder than you. If we have this kind of following it is your doing, congratulations!!!

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Hey @Sam19 - Our tweets are curated by the team and the discussions that are featured on social media are picked based on a variety of factors. We try to pick a diverse set of discussions from a diverse set of TuDiabetes members. We try to promote a diverse set of topics that will interest our following on Twitter and Facebook. And we try to promote conversations that the community is responding to and could be considered “interesting” by the people that follow Diabetes Hands Foundation on social media (many of whom are not members of the community).

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