Diabetes = Human Voodoo Doll

This is my contribution to Diabetes Art Day! If you click the picture, you can read some notes about the supplies I used to create my voodoo self portrait.

Is that Play-Doh?!!

It is!!! It was part of the SWAG we got at BlogHer last month. I had planned to give it to my godson . . . until my D Art Day inspiration hit. Poor Zach lost out. :slight_smile:


Love her test strip hair.

Thanks Gerri. I happened to have plenty of used test strips hiding around my house. :slight_smile: Lots of (fresh new) lancets too!!

It’s adorable…AND true. Super cute!

Why is there a lanclet right near the boobage area? I hope you don’t stick your self there! Ouch!

Very cute! What are those orange blobbie things supposed to be?

Nope, no sticking my boobage area. (Ouch!!) I just randomly stuck supplies all over the voodoo doll. Artistic license, I guess?

And the “blobbie” things are actually made with red - in my mind they are smears of blood, but I’m happy if people interpret this however they see fit. :slight_smile:

This just made my day!!!