Diabetes In The Eye?

I went to the eye doctor about 1 1/2 months ago and i had what she called alittle “diabetes” in my right eye… does anyone know anything about this?

Usually this means they have seen swelling or bleeding on your retina-the area at the back of the eye. Ongoing high blood sugar levels or frequent very high spikes can cause this (as well as other conditions such as high blood pressure.) If the bleeding is quite bad and causes damage, it is possible to loose some areas of your sight and not recover it.
The best prevention is stable blood sugars and following the recommendations the doctor gave you, including follow-ups.

Was the doctor an opthomologist? Best to go to a retinologist, if you can, & your eye doctor (or PCP) can give you a referral.

Your A1c is rather high. A 9.2 translates to an average BG of 217. That’s dangerously high. Please do what you can to bring that down to protect your eyes, your kidneys & your nerves.

I am trying hard… i got the animas ping now and while my sugar levels arent perfect there alot better then theyve EVER been…

That’s great!

yeaaa but! im having a hard time keeping it below 150… my sugar levels averaged like 400 for yearsss and now its like im having a low when im not lol i mean since i found that out ive really tried and ive gotten wayyy better but its like depressing at times that its so hard

I hear ya. Hate feeling low. It does take some time to get used to being lower after 400, but worth it. You can do it!

Sure is hard, frustrating & depressing. Getting complications scares me straight. No food is worth having soaring BG. There are other things that send us high, of course, that we can’t control. But, food is something we can control.

Check out www.bloodsugar101.com. Great site.