Diabetes...It's a Family Thing

I come from a large family. To be exact, I am the youngest of 10 children. My family history of diabetes was minimal until about 7 years ago. My father, who is a Type 1 (LADA) and diagnosed long before I came along, was the only one who had diabetes. Then I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Type 1 (LADA). My mother, who had gestational diabetes, was next to be diagnosed as Type 2 late in life. Soon it was onto a sister and then a brother and his wife who are all Type 2. (I think they got a two for the price of one since they were married.) Unfortunately, another sister has been advised that she is borderline Type 2. Will the madness ever end?

Pretty soon at the dinner table instead of asking someone to “Pass the peas, please” we’ll soon hear “Pass the meter, please." Maybe it could be like hot potato. Better yet, we can see who is the fastest draw and challenge each other to a testing dual. With the climbing statistics that we have, we can soon have tournaments and place wagers. One game we already play is “Who has the lowest A1c?” My mom won the last time! Don’t worry. I got her back. I didn’t send her a birthday card. :wink:

Even though it is a serious issue, we all try to have a sense of humor about it…sometimes a pretty sick sense of humor. But if you can’t laugh about it, then what the hell’s it good for?

Love that outlook!!! It runs rapid in my family too. Not my mom and dad. My mom passed with pancreatic cancer and now my dad has lung cancer but alot of my 1st cousins on my dad’s side have Type 1 along with all of the other’s who are Type 2 .

At least you have company. Although I found out later in life that Diabetes runs on the paternal side I never knew any relatives, so I never had any company. Being able to joke with others about this disease helps with attitude and helps how well you manage…have fun.