Diabetes SUCKS today!

I’m almost out of strips… no big deal right?

Well apparently it is. I checked my sugars a little bit more often these past couple of weeks, so by the looks of my last bottle of strips it is time to call in the refill. But my insurance company is saying “not so fast”, they will not pay for a refill until 7/29, that’s right not until next Tuesday. Grrrr… These pharmacy was kind enough to warn me that the price of strips is expensive… thanks… no really… thanks!

I called the doc but they are out of samples for my meter… double grrrrr…

So what am I doing now you ask? Waiting for the day to end so I can go and buy test strips I really can’t afford.

Today is a good day to be a diabetic! NO!

Ahhhhh… I feel a bit better…

I know the feeling! I went in to get some strips for my omnipod and insurance said they didn’t cover them. Yet they covered the omnipod 100%! So I had to pay a buck a strip until stupid insurance will cover…bah!

That sucks! I hate having other people tell me how often that I can test.

You should check out using this meter when your insurance won’t cover the strips. I bet even with express shipping, it would be cheaper than buying strips at the pharmacy.
Note that you get a free meter if you buy two packs of test strips. This might be good to just have around for times when you want to test more often.

It is the best value of a meter— accurate, but cheap!!

Good luck!

It’s such garbage. It’s like they punish you for having tight control!

Think about it. If diabetics like you and me want to check our blood sugars more often, doesn’t that help prevent complications? If you limit me to four or five tests per day, isn’t there a greater risk for sugars to be out of control between checks? Won’t diabetic complications end up costing insurance companies more money in the long run?

And it’s like the inurance companies think everyday is the same. What if I decide to play an hour long game of basketball. I need to know my blood sugar before, during and after my activity. So one basketball game already ate up half of my daily limit of blood tests. I thought exercise was important for diabetics? For some of us, it’s our most effective treatment. But now I have to think twice before I play because I don’t want to run out my tiny test strip supply.

I bite the bullet and buy my own strips on eBay. I check whenever I feel and I try not to care how much it costs. But honestly, it hurts to pay out for my own strips.

What I need to do is find a diabetes supplies sugar mama that would buy me test strips whenever I asked. A man can only dream…

I know EXACTLY how you feel. My new insurance company we started with this month won’t approve more than 200 strips a month, which is 5-6 tests a day. I test 10-12 times a day right now! So I’m fighting that battle. And in the meantime, I’ve also switched from Minimed to Cozmo, so I’m sitting on this Rx for 300 Freestyle strips I can’t fill until it’s resolved. Every time I’ve opened my last remaining bottle of Novamax strips for my Minimed meter this weekend, I’ve felt like it’s a ticking timebomb, counting down the days until I am officially out of strips and have to go pay $1 a strip OTC.

I feel for everyone.I am in the same boat.I have been testing in between 10-15 times a day.My insurance company will only give me a three months supply.But when you go through alot of strips for basal testing they don’t take that into consideration.I get really panicy knowing I might have to pay out of pocket.There should be some rule for the pumpers to get a little more.

Hey everybody. Check out the website www.healthwarehouse.com. They have a lot of brands of test strips at 1/2 price. I use One Touch Ultras which are usually about $1 per strip. From here they are only about $0.50 per strip. I know it doesn’t help feelings about insurance, but it will help the wallet a little when you have to purchase them yourself.