Diabetes, Your Feet and Shoes

This is more of ladies question so I post in this group.I just found I have diabetes and I am reading all the icky stuff about feet troubles. So far I have none. But I got this packet from my diabetes class that says stuff like “No being barefoot” and “No more sandals” and “No high heels”. What? Is this true? Will I really not be able to wear my girl sandals during the summer anymore? I am not a heels girls so that doesn’t bother me but are my cute sandals even my comfortable Birkies out now? Esp does this mean I can never not have socks on? Ew. Tell me it’s not true. How do you girls do with the feet and the shoes?

I honestly don’t listen to that rule. They say it because you can get nerve damage in your feet and if you step on something sharp or stub your toe, you may not feel it and cause some real damage. But if your sugars have been under control and you don’t have neuropathy, in my mind, you shouldn’t have an issue. I wear high heels and sandals all the time, and I’m always barefoot!

Same with me. I enjoy being barefoot, wearing heels and sandals, etc. I also get pedicures. The reason they make those suggestions is because they want to caution us about getting cuts on our feet that we might not notice. High blood sugars over time can make us prone to poor circulation, lack of sensation, and infection. If you’re managing your blood sugars and check your feet for sores or cuts on a semi-regular basis, you’ve got little to worry about. I’ve had diabetes for almost 20 years and my doctors are pleased with the state of my feet.

As a matter of fact, my podiatrist prescribed high heels (or sneakers) over sandals/mules because he doesn’t want me wearing shoes my feet have to grab onto.

I agree with everyone else who’s responded. Don’t worry so much about the type of shoes you wear as long as you keep your sugars in check and have good circuation.
Though, from experience, do wear “sturdy” shoes and socks to the Dr’s office. You’ll save yourself an unneccessary lecture.

I agree with all here. I wear whatever shoes, or lack thereof I please! My doctor agrees with me, has type I and wears heels non-stop. Keep sugars in check, make sure you are aware of any cuts etc. and you should be good to go! I was devastated when I first got diabetes and heard this craziness, but alas, it doesn’t hold true for all. Thank goodness :wink:

Thanks girls! I am relieved! Not that I wear shoes that would kill my feet or anything. But I started worrying about being barefoot etc…

Yeah, the booklets and pamphelts make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells! And I kind of have been, I have been so aware of my feet since this all started and I never was before. Why do they publish stuff like that? To make us crazy! This place is great! :slight_smile:

Kimberly, my podaitrist, who is also a diabetic, said to pick my sandals carefully. Make sure that they don’t rub or shafe any areas of my food. Flip flops are out, because the the thing between your toes can cut or make an open sore. But if I take good care of my feet, inspect them often for callous’, worts, sores, etc and have them checked every other month by a professional (doc or nurse) then I should be okay to wear the sandals this summer. Try not to walk through rocks, etc barefoot…

I think we have to be more careful that we have been before “D”…but that doesn’t mean that we can’t. Some docs are more high powered about it…and some are not. As for heels, I wish, I could wear those … but I am with you, can’t to the heels, but it’s the knees that can’t take it.

Thanks Cathy!

Actually I can’t wear those flip-flops that go between the toes anyhow, I never have been able to wear them - even when I was a little kid so I have to get the slide on types - I just can’t stand those toe things - they are most uncomfortable for me. I mostly have the slide on or strappy ones with no toe thing and I like mine on the looser side so I think i will be OK with the ones I have. I have been checking my feet and putting lotion on them even though they are not dry just to be on the safe side. :slight_smile:

I am OK to wear heels like to special occasions but even then I like the clunky ones with no pointed toes. I can’t walk in the skinny heels although they come in some cute styles. :slight_smile:

I am happy to here I don’t have to wear socks all the time - that would have been horrible!

I’ve been diabetic for 25yrs and I wear sandals every chance I get. I don’t do heels, can’t really walk in them but I wear sandals even to my Endo appts!! They just tell me to make sure I watch my feet, check them over to make sure nothing is wrong and be careful of blisters.
I wouldn’t give up your sandals unless you were actually having foot problems.

Me either! BUT - I bought a pair of Giselle Bundchen Impanema (yeah, I know it sounds snobby or something) flip-flops on vacation in Mexico a year & a half ago and they are the most comfortable sandals EVER! Like flip-flops plus! I can’t walk for miles in them, but I can wear them for normal walking, playing, in the water (!!!), with shorts, or a dress, and my feet feel lovely!

Um, only problem is: can’t get them in the US. But this was a real find for me & I want to share that tidbit with anyone who is reading about sandals! :slight_smile:

Okay, this is too WEIRD! ::::twilight zone music:::: Immediately after I posted my reply above (just now) I checked my junk email folder - and, sending me an email for the first time ever since I signed up for their emails almost one year ago - is Ipanema Flip Flops!!! In the UK! So, I’m posting the link! http://ipanemaflipflops.dev.markal.net/index.php/
I don’t know if posting links is allowed here or works, but since they sent me an email this morning, and here I’m talking about them tonight, I’m taking it as a sign. :slight_smile:

I’ve been diabetic for 36 years-- since my 16th birthday and I’ve always worn whatever shoes/sandals I wanted to wear. My endo never says a thing about my footware. Mind you, I hate toe thing flip flops and wouldn’t wear that kind of sandal anyway and I hate going barefoot even at home, but when I was younger I wore whatever was in fashion, even if it hurt my feet or caused corns. Heh. Stupid with vanity in those days I guess. I don’t do that now. My feet do heal more slowly than other parts of my body, so I’m more careful than I used to be. Last summer, I wanted to start a walking program. I bought a good pair of Nikes and set out. Within 20 minutes, the shoes were rubbing my upper heels horribly, but I didn’t want to stop the walk. I kept on and eventually blisters formed, broke and bled into my shoes and socks. It took me the rest of the summer to heal the blisters. Soaking my feet in salt water helped the most, and appyling antibiotic cream and large, cushy bandages. Lavender oil helped as well. If my blisters had gotten infected, I would have seen my doctor, but they didn’t. It just took a long time for them to heal. Ruined my good intentions for walking for exercise at the very beginning of July. :o( Sometimes we all do dumb things, but do make sure all your shoes are comfortable and that you don’t get sores on your feet.

I wear sandals, I live in my Birks. I will go barefoot, but not outside much. Even after 14 years of diabetes, my feet are very sensitive to rocks and such, so I spare myself the pain. But I refuse to give up my sandals. No flip flops though, can’t stand the things.

I think it’s a little arrogant to say that as long as you do “this”, “that” will never happen to you and you can live exactly as every other non diabetic does. It’s not only arrogant to the original poster who is new to the D scene and just asking some honest questions, but it’s also ignorant.

It’s great if you’ve had your D forever and never suffered a complication in your life…congratulations. But even when you do everything perfectly, there is always a chance of a complication. That’s why it is so important to not be judgemental. We can do things safely but should we do them differently and cautiously? Yes, a smart diabetic does take care of every part of her body not because she is so paranoid of amputaions but because she has the information and the tools to be in charge of her own health and make personal choices at the same time.

I wear sandals and heels from time to time and actually had a close call with a slow healing wound I received during a pedicure. You don’t have to live your life in a D bubble but we all need to be smart. We may not like to admit that we are different, but isn’t that why we’re all on this site?

I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’m 19 and have been T1 for 16 years. When I wasn’t in school or doing homework, I was at the beach and I never wore shoes, either I was barefoot of wore slippahs. I’ve stubbed toes, cut myself on coral or sharp shells the whole works but I always healed like a normal person. I was probably the biggest violator of the “take care of your feet” rule.

I think it depends on the circulation in your feet and toes. If your circulation is normal than foot problems will be normal.

I think all of this stuff depends on your foot structure. I have extreamly wide fred flinstone feet so pumps are never comfortable or attractive. I got a pair of flip flop slippers from LL bean last year that are lined with lambs wool and only fashion and bedtime make me take them off. I did have some trouble the last time I went on Vac in NYC with new sandals that pinched over my big toes. They blistered before I knew it and left a dark scar when they healed. At my T1 diagnosis, they presented a foot gone wrong slide show which scared the stuffing out of me…giant curved toenails from old people afraid to trim their nails, black heels from caluses out of control. I think as long as your shoes fit properly and you take care of any caluses caused by padding around barefoot you are fine. I don’t do pedicures cause normal people get ugly fungus from unsterilized equipment - my neice says I’m missing out on a little slice of heaven.

reading the comments made my heart sing! im newly diagnosed and so happy to hear i dont have to throw away all of my shoes. now that there’s no more cheesecake, tequila shots, other states of normalcy—at least i have shoes!

cheesecake yum, tequila shots double yuk.

I’d rather be barefoot or in flip-flops (slippahs) than shoes any day. But after all those years of abuse, from the ankles down, I look like a troll. So when I go out I always wear socks and shoes to hide my ugly feet.

I’m not giving up my LL Bean Leopard flip flop slippers…just saying.

I walk barefoot around the house all day long. The only time i wear socks is when I have to put on my work shoes.

I get pedicures and manicures at my favorite salons. Being in Southern Calif. you can wear sandals all year around and it would be criminal not to wear sandals. No only do I wear high heels I have a collection of 5-7 inch hooker shoes and Come fcuk me pumps and assorted boots. Now it doesn’t hurt to have a dedicated person to work on your feet and hands. So you know the quality of their work. Bring your pedicure kits so you don’t have to worry about infected/unclean tools if you are a germaphobe. Ebay has some of those.

I find it funny doctors tell you all this damn crap when they smoke like a chimney and drink liquor like a fish but they are suppose to know better than you. I will tell you this when you experience any problems or cramping etc with your feet please do go a doctor. Drink water to help with the cramps…