Diabetic Barbie

There is an interesting story today (April 17) in our local paper The Waterloo Region Record (TheRecord.com) about a local mother who is trying to persuade Mattel via a Facebook page www.facebook.com/DiabeticBarbie to a develop a doll somewhat along the lines of the one already created for young cancer patients. Sounds like a wonderful idea. The story even got the differences between T1 and T2 correctly and the fact that actually is a difference.

I have been following this for some time now on Facebook. There are many themed Barbies, including a bald Barbie for cancer awareness. I think they are making a lot of progress, getting the word out to media throughout the U.S.

I think this would be GREAT!
One of my hobbies is customizing toys- repaints, rerooting hair, sometimes even changing the base sculpt of a toy to what I want it to fit. I've done several diabetic dolls, and am currently working on a Diabetic My Little Pony, which I plan to auction and give the proceeds to the Juv. Diabetes Research Institute. I think it's great that Mattel is getting involved in this. A lot of girls love Barbie, and what way to encourage young kids not only to take care of themselves, but also make them feel self confident about having diabetes?

I like the idea. But I wonder how you would show a diabetic doll. I guess it could be done with a drop of blood on a finger.

I've seen the doll. Barbie wears an insulin pump.

OMG - a little teeny, tiny insulin pump, with little teeny, tiny tubing! Sorry, I'll go back to my normal rational adult persona now.