Diabetic Behavior Change

Has anyone other than me, have had issues with non diabetics understanding our behavior changes when we we are having complications?

Hi Leotha. I've not had complications (yet!) but definitely find non-diabetics don't have a clue about behavior/emotion changes from highs or lows, not to mention the stress of 24/7 D management! What are the issues you are experiencing?

Leotha---I agree with Zoe. For me it's the behavioral/management changes. It took my family several years, though they did finally get it. Lesser acquaintances don't get it at all.

Not sure about your immediate concern, but if it's about changes in how you behave when out with friends, most restaurants, and even my beloved Amtrak, don't blink an eye at things like ordering a burger without the bun, for instance....Judith in Portland....