Diabetic retinopathy laser surgery

I just had retinopathy laser surgery last week. This week my right eye will be done. Has anyone experienced headaches after the surgery. I have had a tension headache ever since I had the surgery.

Hii Jeanette, I have had more laser treatmments than I can recall. I have had some discomfoort for a period after from time to time, buut not like you describe. But then I rarely have a headache either. I have also had three vitrectomies and several steroid injections in and around the eye. None of these is as bad as they sound, mostly no big deal. The biggest issue BY FAR is that the treatment (primarily thhe in eye injections) caused the development of cataracts which were horrible. Fortunately I have just recently had both cataracts removed, but I have been almost totally blind for almost a full year.

One thing to remember is that not all llasers are the same. The retinologiist I see has multiple locations I always go to the downtown Seattle office for laser. I did the one closer to me one time. The newer, better system in Seattle is less painful both during and after the treatment.

I have been battling retinopathy since Dec. of 2010. I am more than glaad to answer any questionss you might have.

I do not get headaches after lasering The pain stops as soon as the laser stops. It’s an extremely stressful situation though. Maybe your headaches are stress related.

Randy, you say you were almost completely blind for one year. Are things better for you now?

Thanks for replying Randy. I truly think that it is more eye strain than anything else. I spend wayyyyyyyyyy to much time on the computer. I did right after the surgery. Today I stayed away from the computer and guess what no tension headache. Lesson learned. Tomorrow I go get the other eye done and I am not going to be on the computer for long periods of time. I did not experience any discomfort after the surgery other than a strange feeling in my eye for a while. But that has gone away. I do need new classes with is probably not helping my seeing well. I have the script for a new pair. I wanted to wait until the other eye is done before I get the glasses. If I have any questions I will surely ask you. Thanks.

Cinderfella, it is stressful. I would think that would be a factor too. I do not like any procedures done since I get somewhat anxious. After it is done, I am not anxious anymore. Thanks for replying

I had 1200 laser blasts to my left eye, went home with pain and took some tylenol. I do believe I felt a little off for at least a day or two and I always have tension headaches anyway so, who knows? I'm pretty sure I didnt feel tip top right away.
My 'good eye' is still in perfect shape despite a very very crooked doctor telling me it was bleeding severely and needed sugery under general anesthesia!

Yes, much better. The cataracts were almost completely opaque. I had the right one removed on July 28 and just had the left one done on August 25.. In many ways I am seeing beter than II have for several years. I can now see the improvements from the retina treatments done over the last 3 year. It is all much better than before, but I am still over 20:200 and legally blind.