Diabetic retinopathy

today i have diabetic retinopathy in my left eye. and i am so scared and i have no clue how to get my Blood sugar in tight control any suggestions please

Hi there. I reversed my retinopathy. May I ask what regime you are on and could you give me an idea of what a daily food intake looks like. Maybe I can help you tweak it?

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I got it a few months ago, and I was very frustrated. I think I may have cried.

I would be checking at least before each meal and before bed for at least a week, until those are under control. Then you can see when your problem times are. If they are good, then start testing after meals (2 hours after). Write down everythign you eat, and when, so you don’t have to try to remember why your blood sugar was too high or too low. That will help your doctor decide how to help you. Some type 2’s take pills, some take long term insulin, and others take an injection of short term with each meal, and unfortunately, some have to do both. Your doctor can help you fix it when you have data compiled of carbs, insulin, and exercize. You are doing this, not to be perfect, but to figure out the pieces to yoru diabetes puzzle.

Finding when the blood sugar is a problem is the first step in fixing it. I have been type 1 for 26 years, and I still hate poking my fingers, but I love my sight more than I hate testing my blood. I always have micro scabs on all of my fingers.

Another thing, not sure if you have high blood pressure, but retinopathy, as well as potential kidney problems are made a lot worse by high blood pressure, so if yours is high, GET IT DOWN! Not sure what your schedule is like, but walking a half hour a day is great for lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, as well as triglycerides. If your blood pressure runs too low, like mine, check with your doctor on how to raise it.

In Canada they have equivalent to the US Certified Diabetes Educator. Consulting with a Canadian educator can be helpful in learning how to get your bs in control. It can be frustrating not knowing how to live with Diabetes. There’s no shame in finding help even though we can suggest how to do it we are all different. That’s when you need the professionals to train and show you how to control your Diabetes.

Testing more frequently can help you know what is going on. Talk to your doctor about carb counting. It really helped me get a handle on what I was doing. It’s a useful technique for T1s and T2s. If you’re T2 and having control issues, think about adding insulin to your regimen. A bit of Lantus might help keep you.

You can stop the retinopathy and stabilize your eyes. Don’t panic. You are going to be okay. The treatment is pretty easily done and with tighter control, you will settle down. If you’ve got hypertension, get your BP down. When I started bleeding it made diabetes real and tangible to me. I had to protect my sight. This shock may give you the push you need to focus on getting a handle on your situation. It was my wake-up call. Once I got it in control, I was able to stop the proliferation and slow down any further progression. You really can take care of this and be in control. Check with your NHS and see about getting some patient education. The more you know, the more power you have to manage your diabetes.

Good luck! You are going to be just fine.

Retinopathy is a very scary diagnosis. BUt there are tons of cases that have been successfully treated. Myself included, 10 years ago.
I agree with seeing if you can get some professional help. Also, be sure you have a good retinologist who is up on current treatments.
It sounds like yours was caught early, which puts you way ahead in the game. Best of luck, Martina.

Chef as a T1 we know how to correct high bs but with T2s they also need to be taught what works for them.

Martina -
I am so sorrry to hear about the eye! believe me, I know the feeling! (I am a 30 year t1, had my first eye hemmhorage in early 1998, and have had numerous surgeries, even just last week! Dont worry though, my case is 'extremely unusual" according to my Retinal surgeon, and most diabetics will suffer 1 hemmhorage then the eye “settles down”. to read more, see my discussion under the same title, and/or go to my website, http://www.supportersofsurvivors.com where there are stories of my 30 year battle with the big D and then, after I had a brain hemmhorage back in 2005, my wife was diagnosed with early stage breast Cancer! Nothing for sale on the site, i promise. It is mostly a blog, stories, a short book I wrote about coping with this crap and soon I will be offering financial assistance to all who have had a serious health crisis, and are in financial straigts.(there will be no charge for the service) Please check it out, post a comment, see you there! Have you tried Pump therapy at all? Once I went on the pump my eye troubles seemed to wain and my A1C’s went ftom a consistent 11 to a 5.8. Good Luck and PEACE! One final word, all that is being said about hypertension is TRUE. SO TRUE. It’s pretty easy to tell I am a Type A type 1 ahich is a VERY BAD MIX. (so my endo told me). with the proper attention, you CAN conrol your bP AND BG!

Steve I’m sure with your pump you were given information regarding carbs and insulin to carb ratio. It’s not the pump that does the work it’s us and the education we receive. I’ve been pumping for over 10 years and a1cs have been under 7 for many years because of the education I received.

You’re exactly right, Betty. i didnt mean to imply that going on the pump will solve all one’s diabetic needs/problems! it does become easier, I believe. With the education you are spesking of one can “program” their pump (bolus needs, basil needs) and then let it do the work for them. (for the most part). If one has a good endo and chooses the right pump the entire process will take less than an hour, so Martina, if you are even considering insulin threrapy, a pump is something to consier!

Insulin may be helpful for T2’s. I used it when I was first diagnosed and helped me bring number back under control

i am on 120 units of lantus insulin. thanks for all the info everyone

When we’re armed with info it’s like we have weapons to fight the enemy…even though sneak attacks.

Hi Pete,

Can you tell me a little about the retinopathy you experienced? Have you had issues since then. I have Moderate Non proliferative and obviously get pretty depressed about it. I got to Joslin for eye exams every 6 months and it has not clinically progressed thankfully in 6 years, but I still get that nagging feeling after 32 years with Type 1 it is inevitable. Thanks!

Thank you! I have good control. Been T1 going on 28 years now & keep getting bleeding in one eye. Other eye is fine & no signs of diabetes strangely enough in 1 eye! Had the laser but did not stop the bleeding & blood not absorbing. They put an injection in my eye today & I meet with them Tuesday to discuss a vitrectomy. This only started a month ago but vision is terrible. I need this fixed! I’m only 43!! Was always told good control would prevent this but that is just not always the case. Good control helps but I guess the years just take its toll… Wish me luck!! Thanks!!