Diabetic Rights in the Work place....GRRRR!

I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums about people having issue’s with there employers. I remember reading one forum saying that there job was cutting breaks and how she felt bad, she said she didn’t want to say much because her co-workers don’t care much about her. When she needs a break because of diabetes. I thought you are allowed at least 2 breaks a day if you work a 8 hr shift. I feel bad for her, she would rather go look for another job than to ask for her breaks.
I read another forum about a guy being asked if he can handle doing the job w/ having diabetes; I think the person was a delivery driver. What kind of question is that to ask someone??? not a good one.
I just read another blog where a young lady is having problems getting her Bg’s under control and she doesn’t have the time off, can’t afford to miss a day off.
I know law’s are different in each state as far as Disability, FMLA and whatever else is out there…
Is there a list of resources for people who don’t know what their RIGHTS? If so, can someone list them?
We are already trying to maintain a healthy lifestlye but to have to STRESS out about work doesn’t help our situation.

I am glad my employer is understanding!!!

Be Blessed

I would really like to know this as well, as I am off this week by Dr oider to try and get my BG’s under control, and had sick time enoguh to cover, but still expect an issue when I go back…

I tested after lunch today, I ate as normal but I was over 300. So what did I need to do? Get moving I headed outside to walk around the building. So what if my boss said no you have to sit at that desk and work? Should I just let my body slowly kill me because I need to push a few papers around? What are my rights!

My own employer is very understanding, and I’m given lots of leeway for diabetes-related things.

One interesting story, though: Another person in my department is also diabetic (I think Type 2), and one time he called out sick, and e-mailed in a photo of his glucometer reading over 500 mg/dL as proof that he couldn’t come in. His manager actually sent me the photo to check and see if the number was “really that bad.”