Diabetic shoulder

i am diabetic for last 25 years, now i am facing diabetic shoulder problem, for last two years i am passing through bad phase as regualr pain in shoulder. i visited hospitals , but they asked for some exercises and pain killers. and same problem is just started in my other shoulder also. pls if any of you have knowledge about it , advise me.........regards(ravinder)

I have had tendinitis and frozen shoulder on both sides but luckily not at the same time. In both instances, I saw a doctor who said there is really nothing he could do about it except for me to do some daily exercises and manage the pain the Tylenol. It takes a while, but a frozen shoulder usually gets better on its own. For me, it was about 2 years for one side and about three for the other. I have full range of motion in both shoulders now and am pain free. I have had tendinitis in every major joint at one time or another. It’s painful when you are going through it but it eventually moves along and goes away. You also might have your vitamin D level checked because low vitamin D can contribute to tendinitis. I was vitamin D deficient and when I started taking it any last bits of tendon pain I had went away. I haven’t had any tendon pain for a while now.

Cinderfella, i too have low vitamin d...it was 20 (low range 30), it's been lower but i don't take anything and the sun is starting to come out. i was told to take at least 1,000 vit d 3...i HATE taking anything, even supplements, but I'm getting a lot of muscle joint pain as well, I also have neuropathy. how much vitamin d did you take...any side effects? thanks!

My vitamin D was 19. I was told to take 1,000 IU a day of vitamin D, but I actually took more like 2,000 IU a day. I also started taking calcium and a multi vitamin that both had extra D in them. I was able to bring my vit. D level up to the normal range within just a few months. It was around that time that I noticed the tendinitis in my neck went away, plus I’ve had it in my knees , both elbows and wrists and both shoulders. I don’t have any tendinitis right now. I hope it stays that way because its so uncomfortable. I believe the vit. D was a huge help.

I have not had any side effects from taking vitamin D. I would say take the supplement. Being vitamin D deficient can set you up for multiple health problems in your older years, including osteoporosis. Don’t rely on the sun if you are near or over 50 as your skin no longer has the ability to convert the sun to vitamin D in the amount that you need.

Anyone who takes high amounts of vitamin D should have their levels checked every few months or so--vitamin D can build up in your system, and high vitamin D has some major symptoms. That's actually something of a crusade with my endocrinologist--he'll tell you to take it if you need it, but he really tests to screen out the people who are high in D, because they often end up with some strange, "unexplainable" symptoms.

If you have restricted movement with pain,you've got frozen shoulder. I've had both shoulders freed up with surgery. On Lantus now(I'm type 2 for 13 yrs)and having stellar results. I tried pe to no avail with each instance,but surgery did the trick.

what do you consider 'high' amounts? most doctors will test before they Rx or tell their patients to take it.

I have had frozen shoulder in both shoulders. I also have very low levels of Vitamin D (in the single digits). I also take mega doses of Vitamin D3 (gummy version). I have my Vitamin levels checked every 6 months.
I had PT on one of the shoulders but really didn't find it helpful. I found more relief with heating pads. I still do not have full range of motion but it isn't really a problem.

I just had my 2nd surgery in Janaury 2013 for my frozen shoulder condition. My 1st one in October 2011 was successful to a point but my shoulder re-froze. Latest surgery required 4 incisions and took about 2 1/2 hours to clean the scar tissue and release the capsule. Quoting the doc describing my pics from surgery "Your joint capsule looked real angry being so red".

6 weeks after the 2nd surgery the daily pain finally went away and my ROM improved. I was so happy to feel good for once. I was able to start excercising more. MY ROM is 75-80% but will never get any better than that per the doc. Some motions of my arm/shoulder still cause pain but bearable. Swinging a golf club is a no-no at this point.

I am so praying I don't get this in my right shoulder.

You should be able to take the 1,000 IU per day that you were advised without a risk of excessive build up.

I too am Type 1 for over 25 years and had an episode with frozen shoulder. I tried physical therapy, which helped somewhat with range of motion, but the biggest factor I found was just time. Mine took about 2 years to completely resolve with no residual pain and 90% range of motion restored.

Personally if I had it again in the other shoulder, I would just ride it out rather than opt for surgery, but that's just me. I work with 2 coworkers (not diabetic) who have also been through this - one of them had surgery and is in worse shape than before.

I also take Vitamin D (3,000 IU) as directed by my cardiologist and I am tested annually. I suffer no ill effects from the Vitamin D. However, at the time of my frozen shoulder, I was not on a Vitamin D supplement so there could be a connection there.

My surgeon told me he's seeing more men with this as the level of diabetes rises in the population. He used to see it primarily in post menapausal women. My 1st surgery went super. Back to work in 6 weeks. My second was rough as he also removed a bone spurr from some spot they are very reluctant to enter. it took four months pe on this one.
I've got to work and keep my A1C way down. It's an incredibly dibilitating and painful issue. What's odd is that I take Enbrel for lifelong psoriasis I've had and that's suppose to be a powerful anti-inflammatory.
My friend's wife had post menapause and it took 18 months to go away. Sucks.

Even though I am not new to IDDM, I am sure surprised to find out about so many related aches & pains!
I have never heard of "frozen shoulder". Does this limit it's effects to the shoulders only? Can it be knees or hands or...?
I am also Vit D lacking (my count was 18.1). My Endo. prescribed Vit D 2000 iu daily. I have my share of joint pain, I thought it was arthritis...could it be this "frozen" joint issue? Give me some ideas...
This site is a big help! I don't feel so alone and like I am loosing it! YEAH! My sanity is ok!

I've never heard of a vitamin D deficiency so it's very helpful to be on this site. Frozen's not too prevalent. If you find your shoulder rom lacking get into your doc for pe.

thanks, just saw my Endo, he said just do 600 D3 especially in the summer months. i don't like taking stuff so I'll take 600 and see if that helps.

I had both of my shoulders go bad at the same time. I tried everything including elimination of just about all food irritants including nutrasweet and wheat. Nothing worked. I went to Physical Therapy but what finally helped was physical therapy after 2 years of healing. I fnally found things opening up and my range of motion is about 90% of what it was before. I now have restrictions in my hips but I feel thos getting better with PT as well.

Hi Ravinder!
It's not really that uncommon for Type 1 diabetics to have "frozen shoulder" in one or both shoulders. I'm one of those who has had it in both, but at separate times. The first time, the specialist recommended physical therapy and NSAIDS (naproxen). The second time, the pain was worse, so the specialist performed "shoulder manipulation under anesthesia". They used a nerve block to completely numb my arm for 24 hours, gave me a twilight drug so that I wouldn't remember anything, then broke up the capsules that had formed causing the pain in my shoulder by forcibly moving my arm. After that, it was more physical therapy.
Sadly, it didn't work very long, and the pain is back, so I'm trying to do the exercises and take the painkillers at night.
I'd talk with an orthopedic specialist or a sports medicine specialist - someone who focuses primarily on shoulders and joints.
Hope that helps!

My surgeon prescribed PT to no avail in each instance. What worked was the surgery to release the capsule. He described the interior of the shoulder as very angry as stated. He said they use radio waves or something that severs the scar tissue rubberbands as an assistant moves the shoulder. My last PT was excruciating,the first was slick. I've just started the Lantus and am on 12 units w/Metformin,but got to control my carbs in the evening. I'm not overweight and exercise twice a day always.

Well the 'honeymoon' is over for my left shoulder just 12 weeks after the latest surgery in January. after a period of increased range of motion and significant reduction of pain it's all back.

My shoulder is frozen again with range of motion reduced to 20% and pain coming back.

Another 6 weeks of rest with no PT of any sort or even stretching at home as this will cause the inflammation of the capsule joint to worsen.

The doc now wants to try a series of non-steroidal injections into the shoulder every 6 weeks to see if the tissue around the capsule joint can be helped to improve range of motion.