Hello all!

I’m so happy to have discovered this site. As a new member I wanted to introduce myself and start a pretty serious discussion in order to connect to people who may learn from my experiences :slight_smile:

I’ve been a type 1 since age 4 and had a great supportive family, my dad also has type 1. I struggled with various forms of an eating disorder all through high school and college and it eventually manifested into a binge/purge cycle, the purge part actually being that I omitted insulin intentionally to keep my bgs high enough that I wouldn’t gain weight from the binge. Yes, I KNOW how dangerous this was, it was the worst hell I have ever faced and I am grateful to be on the other side of it.

I took myself to inpatient treatment at an Eating Disorder center that actually had a program to treat type 1 diabetics for “diabulimia” and it saved my marriage and my life. I am now an ambassador for this program and want to extend my help, friendship and any help I can offer to anyone who thinks they are struggling with the vicious cycle of food, weight, insulin and control. Please don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:


Welcome, Asha. Your willingness to help is appreciated!

Thanks Asha! Sadly, it is such a common problem, great that you are helping.

Congratulations on your accomplishment and way to pay it forward!

Asha, in case you havn’t found these yet, here are a couple of groups here on tuD dealing with this. Diabulimia Support and Diabetics with Eating Disorders

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, eating disorders and disordered eating are common among T1Ds. More unfortunately, endos have ignored or downplayed the incidence of these disorders for far too long. But the more T1D folks who come forward and discuss this serious issue, the less it can be ignored. People need to understand that T1D causes one to have a very strange relationship with food.

I just wish this type of thing was around 10 years ago for a neighbor of mine who was type 1 diabetic and had several eating disorders as well. unfortunately she passed away from complications to it all.

Im so sorry to hear that, it is a deadly combination (ED and diabetes)