Dialysis and BS

How does being on dialysis x 3 a week affect your BS and A1C readings.


Hopefully I’ll never be able to answer this question!

same here…

Hemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis?

I’m pretty sure that Hemodialysis has no effect on either… depending on the method of Peritoneal Dialysis, it can have an impact on your BG, which would obviously be reflected in your A1C.

she has a port in her arm…blood cleaned x3 aweek…M-W-F…OFF Sat & Sun
I just can’t understand how the readings can be accurate if they draw the BS & A1C while blood is being cleaned…
Looks like it would only be somewhat accurate on the morning after she has not been on dialysis for her 2 day break, that being Monday morning>>>>

It’s only at best an average, whatever time it’s drawn.

That’s hemodialysis. It doesn’t effect the a1c because they’re not “doing” anything to the RBC’s… it is only removing waste and excess water.

I’m not sure if it would or could effect her BG level during treatment though.