Did you give up?

Wondering if when you first started using the CGM, if you wanted to give up using it?

Did any of you stop using it completely?

Do the CGM users who stayed with it, do you use it daily?

If you do using ongoing to you find it to be accurate most of the time, or are you just using it for trends?

I guess my probelm is, if it is not accurate most of the time, what is the point? I can handle the delay, I cannot handle the delay and being off 50 points.

I’ve had mine since xmas. It’s been off up to 100 points sometimes. If I calibrate 4 times a day the accuracy is pretty good but it is such a pain in the ■■■. I thought this would enable me to do less but I have to do more. When will researchers get it through their thick skulls that we don’t want to jump through more hoops to get more data. We want to do LESS. This thing cost over $1000, it should run like a watch and never need to be calibrated. We want it to ELIMINATE the other blood tests not compliment them. The wireless signal should reach at least all over the house. My computer does, why cant’ this? What is up with these constant weak signal messages? I can’t even set it on the bedside table overnight.

I’ve been a member for a while. I read this forum everyday. Only added a reply a couple of times.
I have been on the minimed CGMS for 14 months and I love it. Before it I just couldn’t get a handle on those low then high blood sugars it was a never ending circle. I have been on a pump for about ten years now. That helps but the CGSM is great for trends. I usually wear my nine days and my insurance covers the cost. I have found that the first two days it can be off about 20 - 30 points, but it does tell me if my blood sugars are going up or down. Then I can test and do a correction. Keeps the blood sugars from going too high or too low. Third day it is pretty accurate, I usually restart once at the end of sensor and then on the sixth day at the end of sensor I recharge and restart and wear it another three days and it is still within 15-20 points. Consider that the sensor is always 15 min behind. Your blood sugar can change that fast. I usually try to to calibrate about every 8 hours to keep it accurate. That said after 32 years as a Type 1 with very little damage to my other organs; it is the best thing they have come up with. I can tell you from experience that if you used three different blood testing kits or even test three times on your own blood kit you will probably get the 20-30 point difference. I called the manufactures and they try to tell me I’m testing it wrong. After 32 years I don’ t thinks so. If I am they need to retrain the medical professionals out there. Anyway this is my opinion. I am a very brittle diabetic that couldn’t get A1C below 9/10 before the pump and after the pump 6/7 and now with the CGMS they are always between 6-5. Can’t get much better than that.


Hi Karen! I haven’t quit using my DexCom 7… Yes, I had some problems with it but now I don’t have… The only time my DexCom 7 was off when I was sick by 50%… I use my DexCom 7 daily… Right now I’m not on my DexCom 7 because I lost my calibration cord in Wiston-Salem, NC … Plus I lost my meter too… Don’t asked me how I did it… but I did… My new calibration cord came in today and I can’t wait until I get home… My DexCom 7 was accurate most of the time… Good Luck!

I have been frustrated but never completely stopped…i do know some who have though…it think it really depends on what you need it for. My BS tend to rise really quickly after eating…and although i am getting better, i am not great at carb counting…(or knowing how many i will actually eat b4 i eat)…I can tell when i see how quickly i am rising that i need to correct…this helps me from going super high and staying there. CGM is the #1 factor in getting my A1c to 6.0 and 6.1%—prior i was always in the low 7’s.

I use mine almost constantly, but have jsut recently gotten comfortable taking a day off or 2—it has helped me adjust my basals so i dont fall low so much during the night—hypo unawareness was the main reason for my purchase.

Mine is accurate(within 20%)…90% of the time…and trending is right on 99% of the time. day 1 and 2 are sometimes not very accurate, but trending is still right on.

Also, in a previous post i read about meter accuracy—with Dexcom you see it first hand…just this mornign i restarted my sensor…to calibrate Dex requires 2 finger sticks…my first was 195 and second was 165—that is a pretty big difference—so i try not to be too hard on my Dex when he is off.

Well I am back on now for 4 days and what do you know the CGM has been so accurate and no calibration errors and no other issues, and it has helped me big time from going too high. I got an end sensor last night, but did a new sensor start up with the current sensor and it has been right on all night long and this a.m.

Last few days I have learned I have a huge bgs rise in the a.m., which I thought was a basal issue, but when I slept through the time when my bgs rises this a.m. and looked at the CGM there was no rise, so I am thinking it is either coffee, or the fact that I am always late in the a.m. and get a little stressed and this is causing the huge rise in the morning.

Loving the CGM the last 4 days. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s responses.