Difference between Lantus and Victoza

I have had a C-peptide test which came back normal but can’t seem to kick start my own insulin to release.
I have been on any and almost every pill and now victoza is still at 1.8 mg giving me high readings. Can anyone explain difference between as I go to Dr. tomorrow and would like more info regarding Lantus and Victoza.

Lantus is basal insulin. Levemir is another brand of basal insulin. Both are slow acting, background types & injected once or twice daily. Basal helps with overnight glucose levels & to keep BG level between meals. T1s also use fast acting insulin for me als. T2s using insulin are started on basal to lower BG.

Victoza isn’t insulin, of course. It mimics GLP-1, a hormone that helps regulate BG.

Geri is right. Lantus is a basal insulin.

Victoza does help with BG and your pancreas by helping you cut down on food intake but it is not a end all.

It sounds like you are insulin deficient and likely will benefit from insulin since you cannot produce enough. You may want to have the Dr do a C Peptide test under stress. Sometimes that can determine how much insulin you produce after meals. If you are very insulin resistant too a little insulin may help in keeping your numbers in check. Good luck on your appointment.