Different reactions to adhesive with different pod placements

hi everyone! i have noticed lately that whenever i wear my pod on my stomach now, it starts to really itch on the second day. however, when i wear it on my back, i don’t seem to have any reaction to the adhesive.

just wondering if anyone else had this experience. or if you’re having bad adhesive reactions, maybe trying a totally different site will help you!

i am definitely going to try some of the suggestions on this forum for products that might help with the itching, but for now, i’ll be sticking (haha get it?) with wearing the pod on my back.

happy podding, y’all!

I seem to itch a lot lately when I put the pod on my back. The last time I did, I was constantly scratching and trying to convince myself not to rip it off early. I sleep on my stomach, so it is difficult for me at night when I wear it there, and I had a few occlusions there. I seem to like the side of my legs best. I have plenty of spots to place it and don’t seem to have the itching as much I am definitely going to try some of the suggestions that others had!

That makes sense to me, Chandra. I had ultra sensitive skin as a kid and remember many rashes on my stomach. I feel so badly for the parents who ask for advice concerning their kids’ reactions to the adhesives, I know I wouldn’t have been able to wear the oPod as a child.

I haven’t tried any sites other than my stomach based on what I perceive will work best with my sleeping habits, clothing, body, etc. I need to experiment. When I first started on the pod, I would occassionally itch, but not recently. Now I am wondering why…

PS I still don’t get how you can wear the pod on your back and sit in the car comfortably. Any pressure on the pod seems to cause irritation and a potential occlusion for me.

i guess we all just have to figure out what works for us!

when i wear it on my back, i wear it kind of to the side… like if my arm is hanging straight down, the pod is right behind that. so, it doesn’t really get any pressure when i sit. also, i put the needle side pointed toward my spine so it slopes down more in the middle.

i have heard the rumors that the pod is going to get smaller, which if it happens will definitely help with placement!

: )

I used to occassionally get a rash on my abdomen when I first started with the pod, but I haven’t had one in a long time. Perhaps I have built up an immunity or maybe the adhesive formulation has changed. Has anyone else had this experience?