Different sliding sxale

Wanted to know if anyone else has à différente sliding scale for correction if doing à correction with meal or without. My I;c looks fine. But when i correct without. Food i find that i drop 1 mmol (18 mg/dl) more then when i correct with food.

If you are on MDI then it's often difficult to eliminate relatively small variances. If a one unit correction without food drops you by 54 points as I believe you wrote in a prior post and the same unit drops you 36 points if you correct with a meal then there is no reason not to experiment with a 1.5 unit correction with a meal (assuming you use a syringe or a pen that can dose in half units). I would be conservative however with larger corrections. For example, if you need a 3 unit correction based on 1:54, I personally wouldn't immediately assume that a 4.5 unit correction is what is called for.


I have different correction factors for different times of day. It takes more correction insulin in the am just like it takes more basal and bolus insulin. All insulin requirements go up and down together but it’s hard to make small changes throughout the day without a pump. I used a pediatric pin that would do half U before I started pumping but it was only reliable if I added to corrections.

So basicly my concerne is that if i use 1:8 at breakfest 1:10 at lunch and 1:12 a diner is it normal to have a isf of 1:3mmol (54 mg/dl) i mean is it not suppose to be more like 1:2.5mmol (45 mg/dl). i am at a 50/50 basal/ bolus use 38 to 43 tdd a day. On MDI

Personally, Geremie, I don't go much by those formulas, though it can be interesting to look at. I'm a great believer in "it takes what it takes" and whatever ISF gets you down where you want to be in about 3 hours is good! I do agree that different rates for different times a day are often necessary. My own I:C ratios are 1:6, 1:10 and 1:16 and my ISF is 1:30 for 5AM to 8PM but then 48 for 8PM to 5AM.

1:3 seems pretty reasonable. One carb tends to raise my blood sugar about 5 points, so a unit of insulin dropping you 54 points would be the equivalent of a carb ratio of about 1:11. That certainly is consistent with your lunch and dinner numbers.

Thanks that realy incoraged me. I want to up m’y carb intake for sports. How long after i start do we usally start seing that we have to raise basal or lower are I;C ratios

While increasing your general level of physical activity may change your basal rates, simply increasing the number of carbs you eat (within reason) shouldn't change your ratios. There is no need to predict if and when your ratios change - you'll know soon enough when it happens.