Difficulty getting prescribed insulin

I am seeing a new endo next month. have been categorized as T2 for over 18 years (gestational/insulin pump 6 years/no oral meds worked) but finally should be very close to confirming LADA/T1. my A1C has been stable 6.3-6.5 for a long time, but recently changed to very low carb in August, so will see what the new A1C is. issue is I still see fastings mid-140s, dropping to ~117, after meal ~120-130, go to 180+ with the smallest amount of carb, but then soon recover to 120s, so I know I am very carb intolerant but still producing insulin.
Have met with the NP twice and she says I am not ready for insulin, so watching and waiting. Not sure how open-minded the new endo is, so thoughts on how I can convince him that I need to get back on insulin, at minimum at least basal, since my numbers are “acceptable”? No idea if he knows of Dr Bernstein’s methodology.

The one thing all diabetics share is that none are releasing enough insulin at meal time. How much depends on the person and what you eat. The best way to address this is to provide meal time insulin. The one which works the fastest and mimics first phase pancreatic release is afrezza. Getting them to prescribe it may be an up-hill battle.

You can read this paper which has some useful graphs /www.seventhform.com/vdexdownloads/vdex-whitepaper-072817.pdf

If you can maintain a near non-diabetic range there is a fighting chance you will see further improvement.
Here is a good discussion on target range. https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/what-are-blood-sugar-target-ranges/