Disasters happen... do you have a game plan?


The question came to me before, during and after Hurricane Ike. It was even a topic at the last diabetic group meeting!

None of us can escape mother nature or even human nature! There will always be blackouts, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamies, earthquake, blizzards and whatever else out there exists. So do you have a plan?

How much do you know about your meds, your meter, your test strips?
Do you know at what temp it is too hot for your test strips? What about the insulin?
If you needed shelter do you have some where to go?
Who are your perscriptions with? Can you access them from anywhere?
Do you have none perishable food that works for your needs?
Do you have water?

For myself, I will now always leave for Dallas and stay with friends. But on the off chance I can’t, I feel assured that I have done everything I can to be ready. I will always have extra supplies (this includes syringes)and extra insulin as well. I have my prescrips with CVS so it can be transfered to just about anywhere. I know my carb to insulin ratios, I know my correction ratios, if syringes are needed. If I have no power I look for a nice neighbor with a generator or a cooler and ice will work just fine (but mind the temp isn’t too cold). A friend recently suggested getting a mini fridge that plugs into the car, this is a great idea that I plan on looking into!

One item that I think was most important was to ride it out with other people. Sometimes this isn’t possible but there truly is safety in numbers.

I hope this doesn’t freak anyone out. We just seem to think about getting through the day amongst our daily comforts, but what about getting through the day when those don’t exist?


yep have a disaster plan, for us and our pets…have talked to out children too.Ours is mostly Earthquake/Snowed in related…keep extra supplies for me and the hubby at the childrens homes (they both live in the same city) carry 3 days worth of suplieswith me most all of the time (so I am human and forget once in a while)