Discrimination in the workplace

Over the past few years, I’ve worked as a writer, writing installation manuals and specification sheets for a software company. When I found out I needed a kidney transplant two years ago, I advised my superiors at work and ever since, they have been trying to get rid of me. My boss has tried to make me quit so I wouldn’t receive any benefits, nor have a chance to go on unemployment insurance. But they know if they fire me or lay me off it will be case of unlawful dismissal.

Now, it has become an issue for the Human Rights Commission. I’m currently off of work and getting my transplant in two months. The problem? The insurance company through work denied my “disability” claim and the appeal, and now, I don’t have any source of income. They denied me because they don’t thing a chronic kidney failure combined with Type 1 Diabetes is “disabling”. I’ve been fighting this for far too long and it’s starting to take a huge toll on my mental and physical state.

Has anyone else gone through a similar situation?

are you not getting any EI? what about canada pension disability? it is my understanding that you can apply for early CPP. not sure exactly how you go about it or what is needed to qualify, but i would definately look into it. i get so p***ed off when i hear about things like this. i would love for the people making these decisions about what is “disabling” to live for just 1 week doing all the things we have to do to live a “normal” life. I would love for them to have to purchase all the meds, and the equipment, and to live on my income and pay out of pocket for all or most of it. perhaps then, they would be a little more compassionate, and understanding of what we live with every day. good luck with your operation! keep me posted on what’s going on. i’ll say a little prayer.

My question ( and others) as well …1 ) NO EI ?? 2 ) Have you been paying into EI ? 3) Are your Doctors unwilling to support your claim ?
Have you tried ? : 1 ) your Doc put heavy pressure on Insurance Company 2 ) contacting both Canadian Diabetes Association 1-800- BANTING and Kidney Foundation and check on their " advocacy " for your personal case ?
Another suggestion to write your Federal Candidates before the May 2 Election as posted on TuD’s Canadian group http://www.election.diabetes.ca/en

I’ve worked at the same place for four years and have paid all my premiums and EI payments. I’m on an “illness” benefit through the government, but it’s not the same as EI as it is only payable for two months. I’m applying for CPP, but I’m scared I’m going to get denied again. The problem with being denied is that it’s makes me feel like nobody cares and that my illness isn’t valid or something. There is nothing in our company policies that protect people with chronic illnesses - no sickness leave or anything. I think I will call the 1-800- BANTING number, as this is certainly something I’m sure many people probably face. Thanks for your insight!

I hope things work out for you, Janice …and are you aware of Disability Tax Credit , for which you may qualify ?