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I have a question I’m hoping to get some feedback on.
For the past few days I’ve come down with a cold. I was told illness can effect your blood sugar levels but I don’t know to what extent.
It seems I really can’t handle much in the way of carbs right now…veggies and limited fruit but bread of sweet potatoe for example which I could previously eat limited amounts of either put me over 10 or very close. (I’m in Canada)
I am on 7 units of Lantus, no fast acting as so far I can usually control my levels well by eating low glycemic.
Does having a cold really make that much of a difference?

Hi I think this is where I belong…not sure nor is the Endo. With all of your experience please help me determine any other tests or suggestions you have for me. I am on diet and exercise only after my third GDM pregnancy, I have a four month old. Here are my labs I am trying to understand…
GAD-65 AB is 1.7 (high) ??? Doc said positive.
Insulin Autoantibody <4 (in range)??
non-fasting c-peptide 2.2 ??means?
TNP- negative ??

Thanks for any help understanding, I don’t get back to Endo until June 8. Is this my honeymoon?
Islet cell antibody-negative
IGA- 4 (in range) ??what is this

Hi LADA group: I just posted a TuDiabetes blog on “Onset of Type 1 Diabetes In Adults: The Need For Correct Diagnosis And Treatment.”

Hello Group: As some of you know, I am 63 (yes this is a recent photo) and became a 1.5 at 20. I was able to stay off insulin for 5 years. Maybe what I have to share will help someone. I developed awful eczema as a child. It was really dreadful. My body believed that many things I came in contact with were the enemy and attempted to get rid of the offending allergens through the skin with a miserable process that involved inflammation. What followed was mistakenly attacking the beta cells as if they too were an enemy. Maybe some of you could address any allergies you have that you are aware of. Also I drank a lot of cow’s milk as a child which I don’t do any more. Inflammation as is found with eczema, arthritis, hayfever, etc. are signs to look for as your body may be busy fighting real or imaginary enemies like your own beta cells. Consider an anti-inflammatory diet and anti-inflammatory supplements. I take one of Norwegian Gold’s Super Critical Omega and MSM 1000mg a day. In the a.m., I take one Nature’s Plus Bromelain 1500 mg. on an empty stomach. Result: I stopped arthritis in its tracks even though its just hideous in my family. Its too late to do anything about diabetes of course. As for the eczema, it progressed until about ten years ago when I found the Mayo Clinic. They tracked down all the things my body doesn’t like. They have testing found nowhere else. Believe me, I saw all the dermatologists and allergy specialists over the years. As for my labs, I have very low triglycerides, good cholesterols and very high HDLs. A1Cs in the 6’s to 7. Once I thought I was having chest pains and saw a cardiologist. He told me to never come back. That I had a circulatory system like a 20 year old. I think the way I eat keeps me young. (My brother looks like my father.) More on food another time if anyone’s interested. A1Cs in the 6’s to 7. On the down side, I’m brittle.

That’s my site! Thanks for reading, Carol.

Hi LADAs! I just published another blog, Bill of Rights for People with Adult-Onset Type 1 Diabetes or “A Manifesto for the Misdiagnosed.”

I just posted a blog on “A Field Guide to Identifying the Misdiagnosed Type 1 Diabetic.”

I am a relatively new LADA and I am taking Lantus and Humalog. The past few days I have been feeling a cold coming on. I have also noticed that my BG is very hard to control. I can normally pull down a high with a correction but this time by BG laughs at me when I try to correct.

When you have a cold do you change your I:C and basal? I up’d my basal amount but I don’t think I up’d enough. Here is a good reason to be on a pump because changes can be made quicker. I am cautious with the Lantus because small doses make a huge difference. Pump is coming next month

Mitchell – Since you’re not on a pump, I would recommend not increasing your basal (Lantus). Instead, I would recommend more testing and taking correction doses of Humalog, as needed. Sick days are very unpredictable, and increasing Lantus could lead to uncontrollable lows.

Also, if you’re taking any cough medicine, etc., check to ensure that it doesn’t increase BG. Drink lots of fluids (I like sugar-free Gatorade - G2) to keep you hydrated AND to flush out any ketones that can occur when sick.

Most of all, get some rest. You’d be surprised how much that helps in both severity and duration of a cold. Feel better!

I’m back…I hope to be on more once my life gets back to normal. I hope all of my LADA members are doing well. lets keep the convos going :slight_smile:

Shannon stole my comment! I totally agree with what she recommended!

You do not know (or you do know) how much the info I found here is helping me. I need to convince my GP to write me test for 1.5. Diagnosed type 2 three years ago but never really fitted in.
So I have to ask for C-peptide: fasting or after a meal?
Anti-GAD, Anti-IAA and Anti-Insulin as regards the antibody activity?
Am I right?
Thank YOU all

Gad 65 aa test will confirm type 1. C peptide will confirm lack of insulin production. I’ve always had my bloodwork done fasting, since a lipid panel and A1c are done each time.
Reminder: type 1.5 is a slang term. 1.5’s are type 1’s not diagnosed as juveniles, just to be clear. Good luck, “knowledge is power”.

Thank you rbicpacfo.
yes knowledge is power and may I add health as well…

@Aquafortis - If possible, I would recommend eating before the c-peptide. It’s difficult to get a true measure of what the pancreas is doing unless you have higher-than-normal blood sugar.

Hi Acquafortis: You should get the full suite of antibody testing (glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA), islet cell antibodies (ICA), and insulinoma-associated (IA-2) autoantibodies), not just GAD, as some people with adult-onset Type 1 diabetes are only ICA positive (GAD is the most common, however). If your results show that you are antibody positive, then you have Type 1 autoimmune diabetes. Are you on insulin now?

Now then to all of you @Melitta, @Shannon,@rbicpacfo today it was a fortunate day.First of all because I meet you then…
After all the info you gave me and I found here I went to my GP but was on holiday. The doctor that I found happened to be a homeopathic doctor that I am in good terms with due to my job.
She was very kind to me and listened to my concern.
Without hesitation she signed the following tests: C pepite and Anti insulin (AIAA) plus other routine tests.
She was stupefied that I was simply Diagnosed type 2 on my BG and insulin curve 3 years ago.
Be going on Monday cause Sunday will be dedicated to the 24 hour urine collection for creatineamia (it was high in January and when I told my GP and Diabetologist about it they said it was alright then got ill with pyelitis).
No I am not on Insulin. Trying to control it only via diet, exercise, homeopathic and herbal remedies and lately meditation.
Will let you know. Will it be enough only with these two specific tests to differential diagnose?
Thank you for you support.

Above is a link to the Diabetic Living article on LADA, featuring our very own Cherise (Diabetic_Iz_Me). It definitely is a flawed article (LADA is not some small subset of Type 1, for example; people with LADA far outnumber those with childhood-onset Type 1) but it is a start. I think saying that LADAs can be treated with Type 2 meds should be put to the “first do no harm” test. Back in the 70s, some newly diagnosed Type 1 kids were put on Type 2 meds in their first year, but it wasn’t the right thing to do (hastens destruction of remaining beta cells).

Today I got the results.
So the C peptidase (fasting) is 1.62 ng/ml range 1.10-4.40
Antinsulin 1.3 U/ml range 0.5

According to my diabetologist it is physiological to have anti-bodies for insulin…which I find very funny but I may be ignorant.
He says for me you are type 2 and it does not change you anything if you know or not that you are LADA.
For me it is. It means that I have a slow autoimmune disease and secondly I have to avoid certain medications which can worsen the autoimmune disease.
I suspect a mild form of LADA.
What do you think?