Do you have multiple medical conditions? Introduce yourself here :)

This is a support group for people with multiple medical conditions.

This group was actually started on another website called Since that website is shutting down on August 31, 2011, I decided to restart the group here.

The difference between Diabetes Plus and For People with Multiple Conditions is that Diabetes Plus is a private group and my group is a public group. (My group was also public on the other website). So all are welcome to join my group at any time, whereas the other group needs its new members approved by the group’s creator first. There are other groups here that seem to be duplicates of each other; the creators of the newer groups are just trying to improve on the older groups.

I have type 2, some lasting effects from a stroke, and more. Since I’ve gathered some information on MS for a friend, I’ll try to start posting it in a few days.

Type 2 here. High cholesterol, Undiagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis (haven’t made the appointment yet to get checked).

I am having a little numbness on my left cheekbone area and heart palpitations from time to time.

Also, enduring very high stress as I am going up against my landlord for his permitting criminal activity on the premises and possibly poisoning my young son with lead. As long as the EPA doesn’t give my landlord a slap on the wrist, I should be able to win. My son’s symptoms match exactly those of a child that has previous toxic levels of lead in his body at some point.

A big gamble. If I lose, no decent landlord will want to rent to me and I will be kicked out, homeless, destitute. If I win I won’t have to rent anymore. One specific term is called toxic tort. You should see this awful place I live in and can’t afford to move out of. It’s just awful.

In for a penny, in for a pound.





If the attached worked, those are just a scant few of the pictures.


Blood sugars are all over the place too.

Zolar1, the attachments worked but I can’t tell exactly what the first two were supposed to show.

Have you thought about getting blood tests for lead in you and your son?

What about getting an opinion from the local police on how much criminal activity to expect?

What about getting an written opinion from your doctor on how the stress affects your diabetes?

What about asking the EPA to test the flaking paint for lead?

Presenting the unfavorable results from any of those to the EPA should help you get a better result from the EPA.

Multiple conditions, yes. But I feel healthy and am as active as I want to be, and enjoying life. But here’s a list, just to prove my qualifications, LOL!
Diabetes (of course)
Prinzmetal’s angina (coronary artery spasms that feel like a heart attack and
can turn into one if they don’t relax in time)
Sinus tachycardia (rapid heart beat) and premature contractions (uncomfortable
but not life-threatening)
Hypothyroid (had Hashimoto’s, but then thyroidectomy, because the goiter was
interfering with swallowing)
Drug and environmental allergies
Severe GERD
Hiatal Hernia
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

enough already? Nothing untreatable, but boy, am I on a lot of medications!

Zolar1, you may want to ask your doctor if the high cholesterol, arthritis, numbness, and heart palpititations coul be symptoms of lead poisoning as well.

I have arthritis throughout my spine and crush fractures in 6 vertabrae.
My neck is collapsing - spodylitis both sides.
Diabetes Type 1 - wrongly diagnosed after 10 years of symptoms as Tye 2. Re diagnosed as Tye 1 after 2 episodes of DKA while on tablets. Now on insulin but very brittle going from one extreme to another!
Crushed vertabrae
Excema (or psoriasis - diagnoses keep changing)
Sinus problems
Allergies to painkillers containing codeine and ibuprofen, Erythromicine, sticking plasters (including the non allergenic type!), shellfish, bananas (shucks! Am told bananas are good for diabetics, but I cannot breathe after even inhaling fumes!), pineapples and have to carry a couple of epi-pens due to severe allergies to wasp and bee stings!
I also have 2 cysts - one on my spleen and one on my pancreas (latter probably causing diabetes)
Sleep apnoea
Hiatus hernia
Very high levels of stomach acid - aka gord.
High blood pressure.
Cholesterol creeping up for some reason - had always been low, but last tests suggesting higher.

I think that is it! I have to have 2 carrier bags for the medications every month!

Lucky me. I feel for those who are far worse off then I am.

About the lead issue:

I recently had a test for lead. I do not have the results back yet.

The order of things with the epa is first they check the paperwork the landlord was supposed to do. Then, if conditions warrant, they may come out and have the building tested for lead.

I sent them numerous pictures of the peeling lead paint and the facts as far as I know them.

According to title 1018, my landlord faces up to $11,000/day in fines plus jail time for simply not doing the paperwork. This starts from day 1 when we moved into our apartment 10 years ago. So far, he could face $275,000,000.00 in fines alone. Most likely isn’t going to happen though.
We filed the necessary complaint paperwork but it takes months to find out anything.

There really is no excuse to poison a little kid because of greed, laziness, or whatever reason my landlord may have for not doing the paperwork, lying to us about him having a lead license, preforming rehab work without any licenses at all, etc, etc, etc.

If my landlord did the necessary paperwork and maintained the premises in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition, my son wouldn’t be handicapped today. I am far more concerned for him than for myself.

I may have elevated lead levels, but am unsure how those would cause some of the problems I have right now.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will check into them as soon as I can get in to the doctor.

The pictures are of alligator style peeling lead paint.
I see them fine with my screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

My hands are so stiff and sore I can hardly text anyone and typing becomes more difficult as time goes on.

Robert, what do you know about lead poisoning in adults? Can lead really cause the problems I have??

Diabetes is bad enough, but the rheumatoid arthritis is the scarey part. If I have that, it will cripple me. Diabetes can cause problems too, but at least I have a little control over the disease.

Latvianchick, from reading your list, it seems you were skydiving during a nuclear blast!

Did you sue the doctor for malpractice? A simple GAD antibody test could have given an accurate diagnosis. Or a simple measurement of free insulin in your blood stream.

Who said bananas were good for diabetics? I read that they are among the most sugar filled fruits you can eat. No doubt the potassium is very good for you though.

I have a group of autoimmune diseases: Celiac Disease, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Pernicious Anemia, and Type 1 Diabetes. I just started collecting them, one by one, so now I’m waiting breathlessly for the next!


You might also consider having your son tested for lead,
even if it’s now less than an obviously toxic amount.

I don’t know just what problems lead poisoning causes
in adults yet, but I’m about to try an internet search to
see if it finds anything relevant.
This one suggests that your numbness could easily be
due to lead poisoning, so you might want to tell the EPA
about it. It also mentions that children exposed before
age 6 tend to have the worst effects.
Mentions what level of lead in children requires
Describes a few lead sources to watch for.

Note the the lead in pencils is more accurately called graphite, and not known to be toxic.
For dogs, but you may want to ask neighbors if this is known in your area.
If you can afford this, it shoul allow you to do some types of tests for lead yourself.
Looks likely to be a good place to find parents of children with lead poisoning problems.
Also includes a video.
If you can convince a lawyer of sufficient lead poisoning health problems, you may be able to sue the landlord for even more. But ask the lawyer if it’s possible to pay the lawyer only with a share of whatever he or she can win from the landlord. You may also want to check your landlord’s credit rating to get an idea of how much your landlord could pay if you win.
In pets - are there enough nearby that it’s worthwhile asking your neighbors how many have lead poisoning?
Mentions some conditions easily confused with lead poisoning.
Some of the EPA regulations that apply.
More on regulations. Some only apply in certain states, so you might as well leave reading those until last except for your state.
What your landlord was probably required to tell you about lead on the property.

A rather long list, so you may want to take a quick look at each of them and decide which are worth reading first.

On your stiff hands, you may want to ask your doctor if you are close enough to being disabled that it’s worth applying for Social Security Disability Income. Expect such an application to take at least a year to get approved, though.

You might also want to ask for your doctor’s opinion on whether, if you got enough of a judgement against your landlord that you were able to foreclose on the property, you’d be able to manage it properly.

I just remembered hypothyroid, high cholesterol, and high cholesterol as more of my conditions.

Oops - make that last one high blood pressure.

( eyes crossed & red ) wow that is a lot of info. I already read much of that on other sites.

There are specialist lawyers our there called ‘toxic tort’ lawyers. I have a few local names of lawyers that should take the case pro-bono.

I can’t do much until after the EPA proves my landlord’s guilt from non disclosure. Then have to see about the lead content in and around the building.

From what I heard, the epa will blame all of my son’s medical problems on the lead exposure unless proven otherwise. We shall see when the time comes.

About managing the property - H3LL NO! LOL I don’t want those headaches nor have to deal with all the building code violations.

I would rather TMAR the whole thing.

I have a referral to see a doctor about my hands but have to wait. Skewl supplies and such take a lot of money.

My son’s recent lead level test came back at 3.6 . Not optimal, but they say it is within the safe zone. However, this does not mean that he didn’t have high levels of lead years ago.

Anyone can have lead poisoning and not even know it.
Until it’s too late…

If I had your email address I could send you lots of pictures. Too many for here. Just put in my user name and at hotmail dot com.

The biggest problem will be getting as competent lawyer who won’t be bought off and take the case pro bono. Since the premises is presumed to contain toxic levels of peeling lead paint and my son was gestated, born, and raised there coupled with his current medical problems, I shouldn’t have too many problems winning. Just worried I will lose, my son won’t be compensated for his lifelong loss, and have to move into a worse place than I am already in. Once you sue your landlord, no subsequent decent landlord will want to rent to you.

Zolar1, a few more ideas to consider:

It looks likely that you could charge the landlord with child abuse. However, if you win, that would be likely to send the landlord to prison and slow down any improvements on the property. I’m not sure you want that.

You might also think about suing the landlord for medical expenses for treating the lead poisoning, for both you and your son. However, it looks like you should wait for action from the EPA to decide if that if worthwhile or not.

Zolar1, I suspect that sending the pictures to the EPA would be more useful than sending them to me.

Hi, sorry that you and your Cute little Man are going through these dreadful problems.

I just wanted to say that Rheumatoid Arthritis need not cripple you for a long time. As long as you get under treatment ASAP, if you have it. I know 2 People who have mild RA and they do not seem to be bothered by it much and don’t take many drugs for it. Moderate and severe RA seems to be another animal. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I do not Hate Diabetes but I do Hate severe RA for Good reason. Best to you!

My hands kill me most of the time, especially in the mornings. Some of my fingers get dislocated while sleeping and I have to put them back in place. Not the most pleasant of things to do.

Hmm… child abuse you say? I was thinking more like child endangerment.
I cannot swear in court that either of us had lead poisoning. However, it is presumed that we are constantly being exposed to the lead due to the peeling lead paint. Not to mention the asbestos problem.

If we went to prison, the property would still be dealt with. Most likely by a court order. The landlord’s wife or representative can hire the appropriate companies to make proper and necessary repairs.
Should he be found guilty of endangerment to anyone, he would still be held responsible for health costs.

I did a search for a toxic tort lawyer. I contacted 2 of them. One local, the other a really big one that works nation wide.

There is no excuse for a landlord to ignore required and needed maintenance, especially when there is any chance that someone could get hurt.

This is why my landlord is a slumlord. And he puts my family at risk for serious illness and injury.

I not only have to deal with diabetes, possible RA, and other health issues, I have to worry about what is going to happen to my son.
And the legal issues just make stress levels zoom upward.

Oh, I hate diabetes and any other health problems. But it seems that is a part of growing older. I turn 51 this month.
For my birthday you all can get me a pill that cures all ailments ! LOL

Zolar, it is not difficult to get a doc to have you and your son tested for lead. If you did that, you would know for sure. Because at this time, you don’t even know whether the flaking paint is lead-based or not. Lead-based interior paints became illegal in the 1970’s – and I don’t know when the interior of your place was last painted. And if you DID test positive for lead, then you WOULD be able to swear in court.