Do you have problems on the third day?

I am also a Sure-T user and rarely can I keep set in for 53 hours ( as I did today ) ...just changed and notice number come down already ( Enlite user ) wonder I detest diabetes :) !!

Yes, that's a very good point, Zoe. Thanks.

I know I'm late to the game but I'll add my $0.02. I've noticed third day problems but not every time. Maybe it's 1 in 10. As soon as I see any reluctance for the insulin to work, even if B4 day 3, I will pull the plug early.

On a separate note, do Apidra users know that Sanofi recommends set/site changes @ 48 hours?

I do notice a rise in overall readings and or more insulin used on day 3

Yes Terry. SOMEtimes , but not always,the sets kind of start to fail and I get more "no delivery alarms" at the end of the third day. Like Marie, I am hoarding supplies since I retired and now have a high insurance deductible. I also use Apidra. It does not fail at the end of the third day, but the infusion set( quick set) surely can.

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My first answer-- sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't!
I've been a pump user for 22 years, so sometimes I have difficulty finding an insertion spot that doesn't have scar tissue. When I was a new diabetic I could go 4-5 days, but no more.

Not seriously, but "yes". Personally, I think that going beyond 3 days is not a good idea. It may save money, but the downside is scar tissue and infection risk. I like the steel infusion sets because I'm less reactive to them, but it's a drag changing every 2 days. An additional point, there is no need to change your reservoir in sync with your infusion set changes.

I am not sure if I have problems related to the day, but my Animas Ping clearly does not work when it gets below 25 units of insulin. I wonder if anyone else has this problem...

I know that with my T1 daughter we change sights every two days. We noticed on the third day she would run into the two hundreds and we couldn't get her down. Now it seems to be better.

I am exactly the opposite - I'm high on day 1 and perfect on day 3!

Yes it happens in our kid too and we change infusion cannula every 48 hours

There is a physiological impact on the absorption effectiveness of insulin on that third day due to the crystallization of the preservative in the insulin at the end of the infusion cannula. Some people, like myself, experience an increased effectiveness of the insulin about 4-6 hours before the site goes bas sometimes. Weird,,,I know. My guess if there is an increase in blood flow when the crystallization starts. But I know if no scientific studies showing this.

Some solutions being designed are shorter cannula length, multiple cannula infusion sets, heating or rubbing the site, to name a few.

The FDA has the three day limit for additional reasons, among them is toxic shock. Although I have never heard of this occuring at the site.

Hello Emily. Your answers are all from non pod users so I will offer my 2 cents worth as a pod wearer. First I do not have the luxury of going beyond 3.5 days and no I don't usually want to and yes I did have problems with day three control. Have used Apidra, Humalog and am now on Novolog. The switch to Novolog seems to have solved "My" problems with day three. As has been said before we are all different. Thanks for asking the question. Michael

Sure do. Boy when it goes south it goes south. I knwo almost immediately, I have to get that puppy out and get a new one in. But Emily I use four general areas in rotation, I think it is the rotation sties that really mess it up. Like If i hit a place that has already played out, it can be an issue even quicker than three days.

I generally notice no change in absorption up to day 5.

Most of my issues are on day 1, e.g if I get a lump or site is painful within the first few hours. This happens maybe 1 out of 10 insertions.

Sure-T user, pumping for a little over 6 months. Don't see any drop on day 3. I used to go 4 days but I was seeing my BG become less repeatable on day 4 so I moved down to 3 days.

Yes, this frequently happens to me on day 3 - when there is no explanation for the high numbers. Once I change the site, my numbers slowly stabilize and are fine until the next time. My skin is very thin and very sensitive so I'm thinking it just doesn't like this "foreign object" hanging around for too long.

wow, i can't believe so many people leave their sites in for more than three days! By the third day for me, I can start to feel myself having high blood sugars, usually starting out in the morning. Generally, I have been a high blood sugar person in the morning, but this last visit seems to have gotten it under control ^^ now it's easier to tell when I should change the site, when i'm high in the morning. If i change it in the morning, then for the rest of the day, at least I won't be fighting to bring it back down.

I have this issue and was advised to change infusion site every 2 days - seems to work. The explanation is immune system starts blocking the cannula causing less insulin to be abosrbed on day 3.