Do you refrigerate your opened vials?

Once my vials are open I never refrigerate them. They stay out at room temperature for about a month and then I open the next one. I always refrigerate my unopened vials. I see people carrying around opened vials in like a cooler pack. I don't think that is necessary, it even says you can maintain it at room temp on the novolog website. What do you do?

Once I’ve opened up my pen needle vial (NovoRapid and Lantus) I don’t refrigerate them. I’ve done this most of my adult life (been T1 for 43 years since '68). I think in the “old” days we had to keep the insulin in the fridge, but things have improved there since the pork/cow type of insulin I was brought up on. Also, I don’t like to inject with cool insulin! Are you the same way too?

Anna aka FatCatAnna from and beyond …

I actually keep all my insulin in the fridge so I don’t need to worry about it. Yes, opened vials or pens can be kept out unless the temperature is extreme (I think I read 86 degrees for the high). If it is hot, I always use my Frio to carry my pens. I also believe if it is very cold they need to be protected from freezing though I don’t know because it never gets very cold where I live. I’ve never really noticed a problem injecting cold insulin but YMMV.

Granted the insulin in my pump is at room temp for 3+ days, anything that is not im my pump stays in the fridge. I use Novalog thought. Ive had an issue on a few occasions where the insulin went bad due to slightly elevated room temperature. Its not worth the higher BGs to me so it all gets tossed in the fridge. Its been that way for 25 years for me (X in '86).

I keep my 12 month supply of insulin in the refrigerator at the pharmacy. And never refrigerate at home. 35 years no problem yet.

I refrigerate unopened bottles, more so I can find where I’ve put them than anything else. I have opened vials scattered all over the place, work, home… never had any problem and I’ve kept them for months that way.

I use Novolog in my pump. I buy three 100-mL vials at the beginning of the month, and I have never refrigerated any of it, opened or not. I have never had any potency issues. I have been doing this (not refrigerating) for nearly 10 years.

I keep it in the butter compartment more to avoid loosing them in the general mess than to keep them cool.

I do the same as you Rich. Once they are opened, they are left at room temp. I haven’t experienced any issues with this and continue to have done so for many years.

me too!! =)

my husband has always kept all his insulin in the fridge. when our son was diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago, they told us only to keep unopened ones in the fridge. Even when my husband recently switched from syringes to pens he puts his pens in the fridge as after 23 yrs he is used to injecting cold insulin.