Do you struggle with anxiety? Introduce yourself here :)

It has been proven that diabetics are more prone to anxiety than non-diabetics. Let’s share and support each other.

I have so many panic attacks, and feeling of OMG whats going to happen than I would like to admit. Thankfully my doctors put me on Zolof, and Wellburtrin.

M. Peterson

I've started a group for those of us who have diabetes and also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a sub-group of the anxiety disorders. I have severe generalized anxiety as well as fairly severe OCD, so if you have both and are interested in joining, the link to the group is : . I think that this group has been really helpful to me, and I just want to add another resource out there that may help all of us PWD with anxiety disorders that may be helpful in bringing us together to help!
Aliza :)

Hi..I was diagnosed in Jan.2012 with type 2. Have suffered from panic/anxiety attacks since around 12yrs old. Lived with them for 45 years without telling anyone and just dealing with it as best I could. For the past few years I take paxil. It helps with the anxiety but I also do not put myself in any situations where I would have an attack. No underground subways, tall buildings, planes..

I have been a type 2 for over thirty years. I was diagnosed with Anxiety just over a month ago. But I had signs of it for many years. I'm currently on medication for it.

i;m afraid of not beeing understood if/when i need help also when in hospital some docs or nurses don't understand about pump & that i have to test so much. how about medicare; they know nothing about t1.

Hi all,
Im new to this forum. T1D for 15 years and I struggle with severe anxiety and panic attacks related to having T1D. My issues are centered on getting stuck in traffic while driving and having hypos while sleeping. Ive been in therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders and it has really given me my life back although I still deal with anxiety every day. What do you guys do to deal with it?

Hey there. I was diagnosed a little over a month ago with type 1. It was a terrifying experience - hospitalized for a week with severe DKA. I have struggled with pretty severe anxiety most of my life and I am finding that it has only gotten worse since diagnosis. I feel like I have a million more things to be anxious about now, and I joined TuDiabetes just looking for some support.