Do you use your insulin down to the last drop?

Hey everyone. I noticed today that I use my insulin down to the last drop. I remember a while back my Endo told me to throw it out after it was half way done because the remaining insulin is dilluted. At what point do you throw your insulin bottles out or change the vile in your pump?

the insulin isn’t diluted. and i use it to the last drop in the vial also. it has to do with how long it has been out. what he was talking about wasn’t dilution but effectiveness. i refrigerate it between filling up the cartridges in the pump. A vial is supposed to last for 30 days out of refrigeration, but it takes less for me to go through a vial.

I’ll use as much of it as I possibly can, though timing might take precedence.
There were 3 units left in my pump reservoir last night before I changed it. ^___^

I use it to the last drop as well! Like Landileigh suggested, refrigerate it after you fill your pump. I would not throw away so much insulin!

Another tip, is to take you insulin out of the fridge an hour or so before you fill your pump. I have heard that you are less likely to get the little bubbles in the cartridge if you fill your pump with room temperature insulin.

that’s exactly what i do! and i never have problems with bubbles.

I use my pump until it is absolutely to the empty cartridge alarm. I draw every last drop of insulin out of the bottle too. Expensive stuff, that insulin.

I try to. It all depends on whether the site is still working after 3 days. If it is, I can push it to 4 days and eke out the last of the insulin. Of course I could keep the same reservoir if I change sites, or even add more insulin to the current one, but if I am changing the site I will usually go ahead and change the whole thing, including the reservoir.

I use it to the last drop, as my insurance will only allow me 2 bottles a month, so I want to get the most for my money. I use to be able to get 3 months at a time for only one copay, but not now.

It sure is!

Dear Kathy. Did the Endo offer an explanation why the insulin should become diluted? It is hard to see that there could be any backflow into the vial from the body. The clear insulin is soluble so there is not chance of soluble molecules settling in a vial. The molecules are constantly being moved about by the Brownian motion. This was a problem with the “old” NPH that was in larger snowflakes and had to be gently agitated to make the concentration uniform.

The only thing I can thing of is the insulin decomposing from the heat of the body but if that were true then pumps would be useless and people should go back to seringes.

I agree with everyone else. I have been doing this almost 20 years and try not to waste a drop. :slight_smile:

I go down to the last couple of units in the reservoir – once there are less than 5 units, I change before my next meal or before I go to bed. I try to get as much as I can out of each vial, but there always seems to be about 20-30 units left in there after the last reservoir filling. Does anyone fill a reservoir from two separate vials?

I fill a reservoir from 2 sperare vials whenever I have about 30-40 units left in one. I draw about 150 units (animas only has a 200 resrvoir) from the new/full bottle first then push it all into the one with a small quantity. That way the old and new insulin is only getting mixed in the reservoir and not into the new/full vial.

I fill my reservoir’s from penfills not large vials. I also wait till I have 2 or 3 units left before refilling and I use my reservoirs at least twice and never had a problem.

I used it till the last drop but i dont have the bottle its the little pen. My Endo doesnt want me to be wasting insulin for some strange reason. Or maybe because we have very low income and the insurance doesnt fully cover my insulin.

I use every drop

I find that my Lantus tends to get a bit weaker after 3 weeks, so I swap pens every 3 weeks - basically, once I see my fasting at around 115 2 days running, that’s it!

I use every bit - can’t stand to throw any away and have never noticed any loss of effectiveness.

Diluted? I can’t imagine what it would be diluted with. I use my insulin vials until they are empty. I only fill my insulin cartridges with three days worth at a time, as I find it loses effectiveness after three days in the pump. Running out of insulin in my pump every three days also reminds me to change the infusion set.

smart move. I never thought about doing that. I don’t want to “contaminate” new insulin with old, but the going the other way will work. With this economy, every drop counts. Thanks…