Does Anyone Else Have Memory Problems?

Surprised I just found this thread. I've been type 1 since 1990. I am 53. A couple of months ago I started a group "Diabetes and Memory Issues." I was having significant issues with my memory so I took a battery of cognitive tests that showed my short term memory was not good. Went to a speech therapist, who recommended Lumosity, a brain training aid. I also saw a neurologist. In their opinion, I had early Alzheimers. That totally freaked me out. I then went to the Memory Clinic at my local university. Saw a great psychiatrist who told me there is no way that I could be diagnosed with Alz, based on my presentation. She said my problem was likely losses from low blood sugar. She also recommended I drink less alcohol...she thought 1 drink a day was too much for me (at 108 lbs.) When she disputed the neuro's Alz diagnosis, I was so incredibly happy. Like a huge weight lifted from my brain. I have kept up the training with lumosity and I'm really improving (it's pricey, but it works). Also, I've noted that getting a good night's sleep also helps with focus.

hi type 1 for 37 yrs now..i have had memory lost for quiet awhile now,,,i didnt know ifi t was from all my lows over the years,,,which were quiet severe or stress
im on a pump now but still have memory problems cant remember where the car is,,,cant remember what my husband told me ect ,,,it can be scary somedays...

Throwing my 2 cents in, have you been checked for any other autoimmune diseases? I hae celiac, and memory issues prior to dx or after dx but not being gf can occur. That being said, I have recently started having memory issues. Went to my doc, and before doing a bunch of tests he is doing some med changes. I go back in a month and based on how I feel things have gone, we will proceed from there. I have been T1 for 28 years, celiac for 4. Have had very low bs on and off over the years. Some pretty severe. But I never had a seizure or ended up in the er bc of one. My lowest low was 23, and I was still conscious. Think in that way I have been pretty lucky. My doc told me that my memory must still be ok bc I take care of myself and 4 other people. I told him maybe, but why would I suddenly start having major memory issues for no reason. Hope these med changes do the trick.

I think I have memory problems, at least from what I can remember... (sorry, had to do it.)

I'm a 40 year Type 1. I had some extreme lows when I was very young, one where the right side of my body curled up and became useless for about 1 hour. Left side was just fine, but my right side was immobile and very tight.

I've always had memory problems. I blame that on why it took me 7 years to get a B.S. degree. I just couldn't take on the normal load of college hours. I'm a rather intelligent person otherwise, or so I've been told. But hate it when I can't even remember the slightest detail of something I was just thinking or talking about. Very frustrating.

Diabetese definately affects 100% of you, heart and soul.