Does anyone else's body not respond the same from day to day?

One day I will eat eggs and pancakes and not give insulin and I only go to 160 and then back down (on a basal of 1.5) then the next day try the same thing with one less pancake and I go up to 250 (starting at the same baseline). Last night my stomach was so sore I left my pump off and woke up at 158, but other days with my pump in I might go up to 220 (again starting at the same baseline.)??? anyone else?

Nah, that never happens.


Welcome to diabetes! As my CDE sometimes says, “if it were that easy, it would be easy.”. Some slight difference in your life or routine, even something from hours before, could explain the difference. Only record keeping, experimenting and experience can help you figure it out. That is until it happens again!

It can be frustrating, but keep in mind that it’s not always in your control. All we can do is keep paying attention and keep trying.

Keep up the good work.


thankx at least I am not the only one - a lot of times Doc’s look at me like i am a bad person because I dont have a handle on this - I try to tell them its allways changing- but …

so thankx

No, you are not alone. Absolutely not. We just do the best we can!

That happens to me. I have gone a whole day without insulin and woke up the next morning with a blood sugar around 120. Other times that this has happened I’ll check my sugar and its in the 300-400s. I get so confused. It doesn’t help that the opposite can happen where I’ll start with a sugar at say 100, take insulin like I should, eat accordingly and then my sugar jumps to the high 200s. I usually assume its something I ate but after adding up carbs and what not it still doesn’t make sense to me. Its a constant game.

In short no you are not alone! I am right there with ya :slight_smile:

thankx - I play this game all the time! I eat the same thing 3 days in a row and have 3 different reactions each day- its hard to keep up! I see other people on here who say they keep there BS level where their doc wants it - but for me it seems impossible

Advise I wish I’d gotten earlier:

Don’t bother comparing your control to other people’s control. It’ll drive you nuts. Worry about your own control.

thankx i will remember that

I wish someone would have told me this years ago…haha! I think that comparing my control to others and trying to get there but not getting the same results is part of my problem. I almost feel like I have let my doctor down and myself down. Then after this my depression gets worse for a bit. its a constant circle.

All. The. Time. I always like the moments where I forget to bolus and my BG ends up perfect after a meal and I briefly wonder if/hope I’m cured. I can eat the same thing every day, take the same amount of insulin, and get a different result every time. It’s just the nature of the disease.

What does frustrate me, though, is that endos don’t realize that the variability sometimes has NOTHING to do with what we’re doing, and has more to do with things going on in our bodies that we really have little or no control over. That probably frustrates me more than the randomness of the disease itself.

LOL I loved the look on my endo’s face when I mention that I can eat 20-30 carbs without bolusing somedays. I usually run 75-85 and as long I stay active and have a good fluid intake I rarely break 140 and am back down to under 100 in a hour and a half. Trial and error has taught me what I can or can’t eat to do this. Of course I also have different lantus dosage based on if I am working, temperature outside etc.

Yes. This is why when my dr’s nurse suggested everything would be just fine if I weighed all my food on a scale, worked with carb factors and then adjusted my bolus based on that…I said no, it wouldnt.
I never respond the same way twice. Insulin never hits the same way twice.
And sometimes I can get a 200 point drop out of one unit, sometimes not.
There are a few meals I know exactly what to bolus for, and usually it works, but those are few.
An Animas rep once told me (and she had worked to get me my best A1C ever…) that I would never have it easy.

I agree with your last statement.
My doctor doesnt have time to review numbers with me anyway, and if he did it would take me forever to justify why I did or didnt do something.
My whole plan is so customized, I couldnt even put it on paper or begin to explain it to anyone but myself!

I seem to have cycles. I can have a few days where everything is smooth as can be where smooth to me means I am mostly in target (around 100 fasting, under 140 post prandial) and if I’m off it’s only by a little. Then I have days where I keep going low and days where I keep going high. (sometimes I can explain it like a set problem, often I can’t. And yes, even when I eat the same things I ate before - my breakfasts are very regular, my lunches only a bit less so. And before anyone says anything…no, not “those” kind of cycles - I am happy to no longer have those! I think of myself from all I’ve been reading on here for two years as pretty middle of the road. I don’t stay “between 74 and 82 90% of the time” like some people do, nor do I have frequent unexplained forays over 250 or below 50. I’m content with my middle of the road. Grateful not to deal with the extremes some people are cursed with no matter how hard they work, and not willing to do the extra bit of work to win gold stars. Yep, I’m happy being a B student!

I can do the same thing three days in a row and have one day my BS stays normal, one day it goes high and the third day goes low.

No, your not alone…Diabetes likes to punk us. Once you think you have it all figured out it does something that reminds you that you know nothing…Dont be to hard on yourself because we all have those moments. Plus thats what it wants you to do, dont fall for it…lol…As for doctors I would not even bother asking what they think, usually they just blame it on something you ate anyway. Even if you tell them its the same meal, they will find something to blame it on you. I am still trying to figure out how I wake up with BGs in the 200’s when I go to sleep with normal readings…Unexplainable BG’s happens, its just how it is thats my take on it…

I learn my lessons a long time ago after struggling with my BGs. Not knowing what to do, I did my own research and note every activities, emotions, and food logs to really understand how my body reacts. Even now, I am still learning…

This is normal. It is normal to be abnormal, lol! Seriously, you do the best you can. As long as you are taking your insulin, eating more or less the same way, exercising more or less the same way, sleeping more or less the same way, etc. etc. etc. Diabetes is a bit of a head game, as you can tell. As Rye says, don’t fall for it – i.e., try not to let it phase you. It’s just the way it is.

I know the cured hope. I get that at times

thankx to all of you - thats what I think i am finding best about this site - i am not this krazy case - the docs may tell me i am - but i am not - this thing hits us all in ways no one but God can explain, and as for now I am uncured and still have no control

as cities burn sing “control is something out of my control”