Does anyone have high blood sugars since starting a pump?

I changed from pills to insulin in Sept 08, Nov 08 I started on my insulin pump. For the last three weeks I have been running high, even with a very strict diet and giving a bolus when eating, 2hrs post-prandial I am 180 to 280’s and I am starting out at 107 to 130’s (it varies). I am totally confused. My Endo sts that I may be ending my Honeymoon phase, but she also told me that I may be a MODY or a type 1B (genetic). Honestly I was lower with my pills, but I was losing wt/hungary all the time. Maybe I am not dialed in to managing this yet, Anyone have any info on this and how long it took you to get settled somewhat?? I know for us girls, out monthly cycle greatly affects us, I think that may be one of my problems. I have tried changing out my pod/new vial of insulin and still the same thing, I also have given some inj from my Lispro vial but still high blood sugars. I have adjusted my IC ratio and my basal rate per the Endo’s order and I guess now it is a waiting game. Help with any info on getting diabetes under control. Thank you, Denise

I’ve been experiencing something similar. I’ve only been on the pump a little over 1 month and my BG average is 193. The good news is only 2 lows (crazy christmas shopping).

I think my insulin requirements were going up prior to being put on the pump. My endo decreased my dosed by 20% to adjust for the pump and I think it exasperated a growing problem. He has increased my basal once, but he is VERY conservative with adjustments. I’ll see him in a few weeks and see what my first a1c looks like since starting the pump. My best advice is to keep testing and adjusting with your endos help. That’s what I plan to do after I can refill my strips. I’ve been in super conserve mode since I got sick and went though over half of them the week I was sick.

Good luck, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.

Thanks for the advice, I have only been on the pump for 1 month. I was better controlled with inj prior to that. Looking forward to reading the book you recommended. : ) Denise

Denise: Highs still happen with the Pump for all the reasons you thought of (womean reasons, end of honeymoon, etc) and more (stress???). If you have already spoken with your endo and he has adjusted your Basal and Bolus amounts, time is what you need. When I was having issues (still am sometimes), my endo suggested/reminded me that not only carbs affect your BS. I add 2 units (per the endo’s instruction) to the amount my Pump “suggests”. I am on the MM 722 (about a year and a half now)…Good luck!

Glad to know I am not the only one who is trying to figure it out! haha Thanks so much for sharing. I will keep adjusting, I think I have had a sinus inf which you know will cause a rise in BS. I wish you luck with your adjustments as well and let me know how you are doing. Thanks again!! Denise

My BG’s were so high when I went on the pump, they had to go down. Between my Dr. and my CDE they got it right from the first. As long as I behave myself, my BG’s are near perfect. I wouldn’t trade my pump for all those pills and shots and Byetta, and good grief! I love this pump! I also bought the book Pumping Insulin from Amazon and have learned much about this snazzy little gadget. Hang in there, you’ll get it figured out. Talk to your Dr. Also, do you have a CDE you can talk to? Between the two of them, they should be able to get you on the right track.

Denise: I am a type 2 diabetic and on the pump for the 2nd time. It’s a Medtronic MimiMed Paradigm 722. I LOVE IT! I experience just the opposite from you. I had to really dial back because I was getting up with BG readings in the low 60s. I would fall at the drop of a hat. My only non-medical advice is to give it time and use the doctor and manufacturer to the fullest. Make adjustments as much as you need. You are a unique indivudal and, as such, not everything will fit YOU exactly. Lois La Rose

Yep - me too. Lots of silly problems, but I think it’s just us breaking in and getting used to something new. Been on needles 21 years and had that down pretty well (A1Cs always low 6s) so I am looking forwards to getting back down. Takes a little more work and precision, but the benefits will be there.

Don’t get discouraged!