Does anyone not use Insulin at breakfast?

Hi all, I was just diagnosed in May with type 1 at age 30, and my doctor has told me not to take insulin at breakfast. I was using 1 unit of novolog for 45 carbs and going hypoglycemic or close more often than not. I definitely need the novolog at lunch and dinner, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. It just doesn't seem right. I'd love to get input from others!

Since you are probably still honeymooning (producing some of your own insulin), it makes sense to only take insulin when you need it. I was always more insulin sensitive in the am, so this may be happening to you too. I'm sure that at some point, you will need to take a shot with your breakfast, but for now I would just enjoy the free ride.

What is your insulin:carb ratio at other meals? That may change too with time.

hi! i have been t1 almost 2 years now (diagnosed at 36) and i dont think im honeymooning anymore. i eat lowish carb and use 3 units of levemir in the a.m. and 7 units at night. if i eat about 15 or 20 carbs for breakfast with some fat and take the dog for a walk or run, i dont use any insulin for breakfast.
i hate novorapid for the hypos, so i just try to exercise a lot. my i:c ratio is 1:30. most days i dont take any fast acting at all.

I don't, and I REALLY don't know if I'm still honeymooning or not but I take 10 units of lantus at night and it leaves me too low to use any insulin for my breakfast, because I usually wake up under 80 mg/dL and I have to subtract 2 units under 80 mg/dL and most of my breakfasts would not even require 2 units or would require just 2. I just it at lunch and dinner though because if I go without insulin at all for lunch or dinner it tends to go really badly. I don't think I'm honeymooning though because even the smallest breakfasts would put me at 180-200 mg/dL without lantus or any sort of insulin in my system, even if I woke up in the low 100's or upper 90's for some reason. I haven't met anyone else who doesn't for breakfast, and I imagine eventually I might need to, but now it'd make me hypo and I know myself where if I kinda go lower at lunch time and have to subtract at lunch time I use very little and I eat more than my body can handle with that and I spike up into the 140-180 range and I usually don't go there anymore if I don't let that happen. Like it's better for me to start lunch around 80-120 mg/dL and just have to cover for carbs.

I've been a T1 for 11 years now and I just moved back to New Orleans after eight yesr in Dallas. I'm on my fifth doctor and this one, to my surprise, told me not to take any insulin before breakfast if it's 110 or lower. The reason why I said that is because my first four doctors (two in the city prior to "Katrina" and the last two after relocating to Dallas) told me otherwise, which I never had a problem with. Now with this change, which they say is supposed to help me, but my BG's are saying otherwise (in the 200's and 300's, which I was originally told that was NOT GOOD!)

Well it sounds like you are extremely insulin sensitive, so if you are eating relatively low carb, and glucose is controlled, then it sounds perfectly fine to not use any with any certain meal. As long as I’m eating low carb I generally only take novolog with lunch, when its much harder to find very low carb options