Does Type 2 Diabetes develop into Type 1?

I was diagnosed with Type 2, Adult on-set diabetes originally. I kept it under control with Byetta, diet, and exercise. I rode my mountain bike religiously. Eventually because of stress and a thousand other things, I all but stopped riding the bike. Within two years I was taking shots with the pen. I gained about 22 pounds after starting on insulin. My blood sugars were all over the map, which eventually led to this plumbing I now sport called the 722 Paradigm. My blood sugars are once again under control. However; I was reading an article recently that stated anytime a Type 2 diabetic has to resort to insulin, they are no longer a Type 2 but a Type 1. Now I’ve been reading all this stuff about Type 1.5, and I’m not sure what I am anymore. I guess next time I go the Dr. I will ask him to clarify. How do they actually determine which type you are now. The scary thing for me is, I was thinking at some point I might beat this thing, but its my understanding you cannot recover from type 1, you only manage it. I obviously have much to learn.

I wish again that ADA considers better less confusing classification for diabetes,Autoimmune or nonautoimmune diabetes,for me that will decrease the cofusion.Type2 insulin resistance with time there will be insulin defeciency and insulin is needed.Insulin may be started from the begining if other measures are not controlling BG.There are other rare types ( MODY). The great thing is you are controlling diabetes.The importance of diagnosing autoimmune diabetes ( type1a) is to screen for other autoimmune disease periodically ( celiac,thyroid dysfunction,addison…)

No. They are two different conditions with two different causes resulting in the same general outcome. I apologize in advance to some of my more technically-accurate friends here who I hope will correct me if I misspeak!

Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder, brought on by (as yet) unknown causes. While it often presents in children, it is not uncommon in adults - the 1.5’s you’re reading about (or LADA - latent autoimmune disease of adulthood) are often misdiagnosed first as type 2s in a honeymoon period before their beta cells quit producing insulin and then recategorized when the full breadth of the condition manifests itself. Type 1s must take insulin daily because we cannot produce our own.

Type 2 is a much more common and much maligned and misunderstood disease as well. The basic gist in type 2 is that your body is producing insulin but not using it efficiently for one reason or another. Some type 2s have better control by taking insulin (like yourself). Others find that drugs such as metformin or byetta gain them the control they need. Some type 2s do well with lifestyle changes alone. We all have different bodies, so no two are identical in their success with treatment.

I agree with the others that type 2 doesn’t turn into type 1, but it seems pretty frequent nowadays that people who actually have LADA/Type 1.5 (which is also autoimmune diabetes) get diagnosed as type 2.

So I think your type doesn’t change, but many people are misdiagnosed. It would be good to ask you doctor. Sometimes your insurance benefits are different if you are marked as type 1 or type 2.

Glad to hear that the pump has helped get things under control!!